5 Israelis Killed at Synagogue; Obama Mourns Palestinians

A terror attack Tuesday in a western Jerusalem neighborhood left 5 Israelis dead, killed by Palestinians who wanted them dead just for being Jewish.

The religion of peace strikes again.

Israeli law enforcement killed two assailants in a shootout at the synagogue. Officials said the two dead assailants entered the synagogue armed with knives, axes and guns.

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Three of those killed held American citizenship. The fifth victim was a police officer who responded to the attack. Seven other people were wounded.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu ordered the terrorists’ homes torn down. It might have been justice, as well, to tear down their mosque, which is likely the place where the murder scheme was hatched.

President Obama commented on the attack during a press conference, saying, “Too many Palestinians have died.”

“We have to remind ourselves that the majority of Palestinians and Israelis overwhelmingly want peace,” Obama said before changing the subject to ebola. He didn’t take questions.

As usual, Obama is doing a fly-by from his habitual orbit out in Democrat deep space.

He’s never been a fan of Israel, but to fret about the Palestinians on a day when two Palestinian psychotic killers slaughtered five people seems cold even for the Muslim Brotherhood’s No. 1 Fan.

“We have to remind ourselves that the majority of Palestinians and Israelis overwhelmingly want peace”? That’s true about the Israelis, certainly. I can’t really vouch for the Palestinians given their history, but just say for the moment that’s true, too.

There’s still a crucial factor that makes all the difference.

Israel does not, as a matter of policy, just go and invade mosques and start shooting people at random. They have launched many attacks on Palestine through the years, but always in response to actions of some Palestinian terrorist group.

Reviewing the history of violence in the Middle East, there’s a clear pattern. When there’s an agreement, Palestinians will violate it. When there’s a momentary peace, Palestinians will shatter it.

Then when Israel reacts, the international media and the liberals in America come down on the side of the Palestinians. It can be surprising to hear even liberal Jews speaking against Israel, but the key word is “liberal.” Their hearts and minds have abandoned their faith and their people.

So let’s suppose that, against all evidence, the majority of Palestinians want peace.

Where were they?

Where were they when other Palestinians were dancing in the streets over 9/11?

Where were they when Hamas carried out hundreds of bombings targeting civilians?

Where were they when other Palestinians were launching rockets into Israel from schools?

They were hiding apparently, because the mythical Palestinian majority that wants peace hasn’t been heard from in years.

That means they don’t count.

It’s the radicals who are in charge. It’s the radicals who have taken over the mosques and the schools and the media in Palestine. It’s the radicals who are dripping with Israeli blood.

And so long as this alleged majority remains silent, they deserve to be counted with the radicals, along with any American politicians who support them.


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