$5 Million Lawsuit Over Sprained Ankle Filed By Sharpton’s Daughter

The vast majority of us have turned, twisted or sprained an ankle. They are very painful and make it difficult to walk. But how many of you would have the unmitigated gall to sue your city for millions of dollars because you were clumsy on their streets?

If you were raised and trained by one of America’s most racist filers of lawsuits, it would probably be the first thing you would think of doing.

Meet Dominique Sharpton, the 28 year old daughter of the king of lawsuits, Al Sharpton. Although most of Sharpton’s lawsuits are racially motivated, he’s not against filing suits for his own personal gain, and apparently he has taught his daughter well. Sharpton, the elder, has received millions of dollars from filing lawsuits against Chrysler, General Motors, Macy’s, McDonald’s, Pfizer and Verizon.

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According to reports, on October 2, 2014, Sharpton the younger was at the corner of Broome Street and Broadway in New York when she encountered some uneven pavement which caused her ankle to roll and sent her falling into the street. She claims that the incident resulted in a sprained ankle and permanent physical pain.

Consequently, she filed a lawsuit against New York City for $5 million, claiming that she ‘still suffers and will continue to suffer for some time physical pain and bodily injuries.’

It seems her injuries are so severe that not long after it happened she posted ‘I sprained my ankle real bad lol’ on Instagram. She was seen wearing a walking boot for several weeks after the fall, but her suffering seemed to be over when she marched in the National Action Network’s Justice for All march in Washington DC in December. Additionally, by December, she was photographed wearing high heels and other photos of her climbing a ladder to decorate a Christmas tree. She was up to celebrating New Year’s Eve in Miami Beach and is currently vacationing in Bali.

If uneven pavements are grounds for such frivolous lawsuits; then what about all of the brick or cobblestone sidewalks and streets throughout our nation? What about every seam one encounters in concrete sidewalks and streets? Wouldn’t all of these be potential lawsuits just waiting to happen?

I also have to question most modern medical treatment for sprained ankles, such as wrapping the ankle or placing it in a walking cast for weeks. A few years ago, my wife severely sprained her ankle on some uneven ground. It was so painful that she was not able to put any weight on her foot. I helped her to the car and took her to our chiropractor who is also trained in sports injuries. He examined her ankle and explained that in many instances of sprained ankles that bones in the ankle can slip out of place which can also cause tendons to be pulled out of place. He carefully manipulated her ankle and got the bones re-aligned. She said the pain almost instantly disappeared and was able to leave his office with only the slightest of limps.

If Sharpton the younger only had a brain, she wouldn’t wear dangerous high heels and would seek the appropriate treatment for her supposed permanent injury. As for her lawsuit, I hope and pray that the judge will laugh it out of court and send her on her merry misguided way. It’s time the courts stop the extortionist career of Al Sharpton and his daughter Dominique.


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