5 Reasons Christians Should Use the Term ‘Illegal Immigrant’

Liberals are trying to justify giving illegal aliens the right to remain in the United States by refusing to refer to them as illegal immigrants or illegal aliens.  Groups like the Associated Press have gone so far as to delete the term illegal immigrant from their company lexicon.  They prefer the term ‘undocumented immigrant’ which in my opinion is not accurate and misleading.

Thankfully there are some like Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer who defends the use of the term illegal immigrant.  In a recent interview with ABC News Senior National Correspondent Jim Avila, she stated:

Avila: “I’ve heard you use the phrase over and over and over again. They’re insulted by the term, ‘illegal immigrant.’ That that brands a person. What they do is illegal immigration, but the people themselves are not illegals. Have you thought about it at all, with so many Hispanics in your state? To stop using that word — illegal immigrant?”

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Brewer: “No, to me they’re illegal immigrants,”

Brewer: “When you break the law, you’re doing something illegal, that makes you an illegal.  So they are an illegal immigrant.”

Hooray for Gov. Brewer.

But what saddens me is when Christians join the ranks of the liberals by condemning the use of the term illegal immigrant.  A blog appeared on the Sojourners web site titled 5 Reasons Christians Need to Stop Using the Term ‘Illegal Immigrant’ that I totally disagree with.

Reason 1:

“The term ‘illegal immigrant’ is a misleading and dishonest term, which violates the 9th commandment.”

They play a semantics game saying that the term illegal means that they are currently doing something illegal, but that their crime was crossing the border in the past.  Sorry, folks but I totally disagree with this argument.  Scripture says that we are all sinners, but that doesn’t mean that we are sinning at the present.  If a person murders someone, they are called a murderer and will be held accountable for their crime years later.  We call a rapist a rapist, a burglar a burglar regardless if they are raping or burgling at the present.  A person who intentionally crossed our border illegally is subject to arrest and deportation according to the law, no matter when they are caught.  Therefore, they are illegal immigrants or aliens as long as they continue to reside in the US.

Reason 2:

“The term ‘illegal’ singles out those who committed one, specific, federal misdemeanor, but is never applied to other violations.”

Again Sojourners is playing word games that are illogical.  Other terms such as murderer, counterfeiter, rapist, burglar, arsonist, pedophile are all known to be illegal acts and therefore do not need the term ‘illegal’ in front of them.  How else does one designate a person from another country that has illegally crossed our border?  The most logical and accurate term available is ‘illegal immigrant or alien.’

Reason 3:

“The term ‘illegal immigrant’ has morphed into a racial epithet.”

Whose fault is that?  I don’t condone using the term as a racial epithet, but if you ask law enforcement in the southwest, they will tell you that the vast majority of illegal aliens are Hispanic.  They come from Mexico and the rest of Central and South America.  However, they will also tell you that they are finding more and more evidence of Muslims crossing the borders in the southwestern deserts.

Reason 4:

“The term ‘illegal immigrant’ cultivates hostility, animosity, and mistrust against our neighbors.”

You betcha!  I lived in Arizona for 36 years and saw entire communities ruined when illegal aliens moved into the area.  The crime rate goes up and property values go down.  But let me ask Sojourners how they would feel if they found out that they had a bunch of people living next to them that are sexual predators and child molesters?  Why do so many towns have websites that identity people convicted of sexual crimes and point out where they live?

Reason 5:

“The term ‘illegal immigrant’ is dehumanizing.”

Again, this is a poorly used word game.  Is illegal immigrant any more demoralizing than being called a sinner, murderer, rapist or any other term denoting criminal and wrong behavior?  Is it any more demoralizing than when Jesus called the Pharisees and Sadducees a brood of vipers on three different occasions?  The only reason it’s demoralizing is that they are guilty of the crime but don’t like to hear it.

It saddens me to see Christians buying into liberal ideology.  Illegals are just that, illegal and as a Christian I have no problem using the term as it is accurate.  If it bothers illegals so much to be called illegal then they need to return to their countries where they are legal and then legally apply for access to the US like millions of LEGAL immigrants do.


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