Which of 50 Sexual Options are You?

Have you heard the exciting news? No doubt you have, if you’re a regular on Facebook, which these days is most likely given that it has 1.23 billion active monthly users worldwide.

If not, please allow me to share. The AP reported that “Facebook has recently revamped its gender settings to allow for options other than just male or female. The feature is designed to help transgender users of the site and now has 50 options including cisgender, transgender, and intersex.” 50 sexual options?

Well, that’s terrific, but what the bleep is a “cisgender”? I looked it up. You won’t believe it. Here you go.1

“With a click of a cursor, Jay Brown in Cheverly, Md., went from Male to Trans Male. A few states away, Debon Garrigues of Asheville, N.C., switched from Male to Neutral. In San Francisco, Marilyn Roxie, formerly Female, chose three: Androgynous, Transgender and Genderqueer.”

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It’s not all good news though, for it’s only available to us 150 million American users. Those who are confused in other countries will have to wait a bit longer in gender limbo.

Naturally the LGBT community is thrilled; as are the people (may I call them people? I wouldn’t want to offend any interdimensionaltransaliens) at the Human Rights Campaign. The HRC president, Chad Griffin said, “Over the past few years, a person’s Facebook profile truly has become their online identity, and now Facebook has taken a milestone step to allow countless people to more honestly and accurately represent themselves.”

Yes Chad; no one has ever inaccurately represented themselves on the inter-web.

One of the Facebook software engineers gleefully claimed she changed her status from female to Transwoman. Again, what the bleep is a Transwoman and why would she care that much to change it? Is it really that important?

Now seriously; am I the only one who thinks this whole exercise is absurd?

Once again, like the whole homosexual marriage thing, this effort is being driven by a relative few radicals, hell-bent on disrupting and undermining all historical social norms. In my opinion, they are nothing but anarchists that will keep pushing the envelope of normality until it is shredded.

Then what? After society has accepted all these new idiotic gender bending terms – what then? Will they be satisfied?

The answer of course is…no! They will somehow find a new, more radical cause and call that a “Human Right.”

Small wonder kids today are so screwed up. This is what they can look forward to.

Gone will be the days when a job application was a page or two. Between nationality and now gender, an application will be as thick as a phone book. (Do they still make those?)

ATM screens will have press one for English, press two for Spanish, 36 for androgynous, 47 for gender fluid. Ridiculous!

You are either male or female. Pick one.

  1. Cisgender and cissexual (often abbreviated to simply cis) describe related types of gender identity where an individual’s experience of their own gender matches the sex they were assigned at birth.” []
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