54 Colorado Sheriffs Sue State Over New Gun-Grabbing Bills

Colorado may have passed far-reaching gun control laws with their Democratic-controlled houses, but they weren’t passed without fierce opposition, and not just from law-abiding gun owners. Fifty-four of the state’s 62 elected sheriffs have banded together and filed a lawsuit against the state for their unconstitutional legislation aimed at law-abiding citizens.

There were eight other sheriffs in the state of Colorado that didn’t sign on to the lawsuit for political reasons. Their jurisdictions were largely Democratic and probably supported the gun control bills that are going in to effect on July 1st. They wouldn’t want to upset their base. As for 90% of the state’s elected sheriffs as well as various pro-2nd Amendment groups like Women for Concealed Carry, they’re targeting two gun control bills in particular.

One basically bans the majority of firearms by prohibiting convertible magazines. The law prohibits any magazine that can hold more than 15 rounds, but it also stipulates that if a magazine can be converted to hold more, than that magazine is a violation. If the magazine has a removable base plate, then it is against the law, regardless of how few rounds it was originally designed to hold. This would even ban most or Colorado’s shotguns, the only kind of firearm endorsed by the Vice President.

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The other law requires a background check for gun transfers when a firearm will be in the possession of someone other than the owner for more than 72 hours. As an example of how ridiculous this provision is, one of the sheriffs at the press conference where the lawsuit was publicly announced mentioned his neighbor who was being deployed to Afghanistan. He had “illegal” firearms with “high capacity” magazines (over 15-round capacity). But when he is deployed overseas, he would also be violating the law if he leaves these firearms with his fiancé without first obtaining a background check on her.

The sheriff said that these laws are not only unconstitutional; they’re unenforceable. He said he’s got much more important things to do than to check up on people like his neighbor.

The Democrats pushed too far this time. I think their actions are backfiring. Hopefully, Coloradans will wake up and elect representatives who take their oath to the Constitution seriously.

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