6 Officers Charged in Freddie Gray Death

And the first words out of almost every media outlet’s mouths were “will this appease the protesters?”

First, I couldn’t care less about appeasing protesters. It’s like appeasing terrorists or a small, yappy dog. Not gonna do it.

Second, the first question out of the mouth of a real journalist, upon hearing that six police officers were being charged in the death of Freddie Gray, should have been, “Is this for real?”

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Gray’s death from injuries received while in custody is another one of those trumped-up racial episodes where the political fix is clearly in.

It’s not clear yet exactly what that fix is, who’s behind it or what part this incident and the resulting riots in Baltimore play in the bigger picture of racially dividing America, but that something is rotten in Denmark is pretty clear.

First hint that something’s not right is the rapidity with which the chief prosecutor filed charges. Normally, if police officers are going to be charged, it would be after a very deliberately slow and thorough investigation.

This prosecutor made the call like she was a super spy in an action movie trying to decide whether to cut the blue or the red wire as a bomb’s timer ticked away.

Then there are the political connections. It turns out that State’s Attorney Marilyn Mosby has previously taken large political donations from former judge Bill Murphy, who happens to be the attorney for Freddie Gray’s family.

Also, she is married to a Baltimore city councilman.

This is the same city council whose mayor said publicly the city was giving rioters “space to destroy,” then later publicly denied saying it.

And this is the city where officers have reported, and witnesses have corroborated, being told to stand down while rioters smashed cars and windows and assaulted people in front of them, all which higher ups at town hall deny ever occurred.

While the death of Gray is being alleged as racially motivated, no reason was given for officers’ purported motivation. Reportedly, two bicycle officers made eye contact with Gray and he just immediately fled.

The prosecutor calls it an unlawful arrest, but fleeing for no apparent reason from officers seems to me like reason enough to chase someone, pin him down and at least run his name through the computer.

Then there was the medical report that found Gray seemed to have received his fatal injury while he was inside the police van. Another arrestee who was placed in the van with Gray has said that Gray appeared to be trying to injure himself.

The actual cause of death was some sort of spinal injury that no one seems to be exactly able to account for. One report mentioned that Gray had an odd injury shaped like one of the bolts inside the police van — the same van the other arrestee who shared the ride said Gray was throwing himself around in.

According to the prosecutor’s report, Gray asked several times for medical assistance and was ignored by police officers. The officer facing the most serious charges is actually the driver of the van, who happens to be black — not the two white arresting officers. Of the six officers charged, three are white and three are black in this “racial” incident.

Al Sharpton of course couldn’t resist opening his big mouth about Baltimore, and in doing so, he may have let slip the real motivation behind all these trumped-up race riots.

He called for elimination of locally controlled police and creation of a federally controlled police force under jurisdiction of the Department of Justice.

Remember Obama’s call, before he was first elected, for a civilian security force that would be as large and well-armed as the military?

Ferguson, Missouri, and New York have basically come under the DOJ’s control after their recent violence. Sharpton’s comment brings into stark relief the possibility (probability) of conquest by consent decree.

Plans for a federal police force would certainly explain the increasing militarization of local police forces and hundreds of government agencies by the Obama Administration.

What if the long-anticipated federal fascist takeover of local communities were to actually take place before preppers, militias and other 2nd Amendment supporters even realized what hit them?

What if there was no influx of military units in town, but instead you just woke up one morning and the local police station had a sign out front: “Under New Management.”

As morons smash store windows and the cops stand by, a federal gestapo may in fact be the real plan.

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