60,000 Kids Illegally Crossing Border Without Parents Thanks To Obama Immigration Policies

One of the rallying cries for the supporters of amnesty for illegals is the children. They claim that the kids are brought here by their parents and that it’s not their fault they are here illegally, ergo, they should be allowed to stay and become US citizens.

I’ve always argued that the children still need to abide by our laws regardless of their age. American children are expected to adhere to city, county, state and federal laws, so why shouldn’t illegal children also be expected to adhere to the same laws?

After Obama defied Congress and the US Constitution be declaring his own DREAM Act, the number of minor children crossing the border without their parents or other adult relative have drastically increased. In 2011, approximately 6,560 unescorted children crossed or attempted to cross the border from Mexico into the US. At the current rate, the figure for fiscal 2014 is projected to reach 60,000.

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Just this month, Border Patrol agents have apprehended more than 1,000 children trying to cross the border from Mexico without a parent with them. One boy was reported to be only 3 years old and from Honduras.

The thought of amnesty and being allowed to stay in America where they believe they will have a better life is driving parents and grandparents to send their children across the border.

Now you may be asking what happens to these illegals kids once here and the answer is that our government then assumes the care of them. Thanks to Obama’s new policies, the Department of Health and Human Services assumes custody and then works with the appropriate state-licensed facilities with which they are placed. Then sponsors who will take in the kids are sought and the kids hopefully placed with them until they become of legal age.

Illegal kids are not being deported. They are being allowed to remain in the US, hoping that someday they will be granted amnesty and magically declared to be US citizens. In the meantime, we taxpayers pay for their medical, housing and education.

Until we stamp out any hope of amnesty and secure our borders, more and more families are going to be sending their kids to the promised land of America to live off taxpayer dollars, consume our medical and educational funding and grow up to take jobs from American citizens. Oh yeah, don’t forget that they’ll grow up to be illegal voters as well.

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