7 of 10 Americans Believe IRS Emails Intentionally Destroyed

Guess what IRS? The American people don’t believe you!

Everyone I know is saying ‘how convenient’ that the IRS just happened to lose the most vital emails to the targeting scandal because of a simple little computer crash. I’ve heard people say that it reminds them of the 18 minutes of accidentally erased Watergate tapes that would have incriminated then President Richard Nixon.

Not only does it seem like too much of a coincidence that just those emails from that one computer were lost, but the contract with the backup company just happened to be terminated when the investigation into the scandal began. You would think that their backup files would have the missing emails, but for some reason, they don’t and the emails are supposedly lost forever.

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If you don’t believe the IRS, then you’re not alone. A recent Rasmussen Report shows that 71% of voters surveyed don’t believe the IRS either. They said that they believe the emails were deliberately destroyed to hide criminal activity.

When asked, 53% said that they believed the IRS targeting was illegal and broke the law and 66% of the voters surveyed believe that those involved should be sent to prison or fired from their jobs.

I totally agree with the last one and I believe the losing of one’s job and imprisonment due their involvement with the targeting scandal needs to start with the mastermind behind it all, Barack Obama. Who else could it be?

Think about it, there are a number of key people in Obama’s Cabinet. He meets with various ones on a regular basis. Of all of the cabinet members, you would expect the most frequent visitors to be people like Attorney General Eric Holder, Secretary of State Clinton and Kerry or even Defense Secretary Robert Gates since we are at war in the Middle East.

However, the number of their visits to the White House are nothing compared to the visits by then IRS Commissioner Douglas Shulman. He visited the White House 157 times prior to and during the IRS targeting of Obama opponents, conservative, Tea Party and patriots, Christians and Jews. Holder only made 62 visits during the same time period and Gates made a whopping 17 visits to the Commander in Chief. Hillary Clinton only popped by 43 times and Kerry 49 times.

What else could explain the overabundance of visits between the IRS Commissioner and Obama?

Do you think that some of the missing emails may have implicated the targeting mastermind? Is that why they so conveniently were lost in a computer crash and are not backed up so as to protect Obama? How will we ever know?

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