7 Year Old Forced by Teacher to Unclog Feces Filled Toilet with Bare Hands

I’ve always been one to believe that a teacher should have the right to properly discipline a student that done something worth being disciplined for. My parents believed the same thing and always told the school that if I deserved it to go ahead and spank me and I’ll confess that I had my share of swats in school.

I did have a student teacher who went beyond the normal limits of punishments and once the school was made aware of it, he was immediately removed from the school.

But as a parent, what would you do if you found out a teacher went beyond the normal limits to punish your child? Let me be a little more specific and ask what would you do if you found out your child’s teacher made him/her unclog a toilet with feces in it with his/her bare hands?

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A mother in Hardeeville, South Carolina found herself facing that exact situation. After her seven year old son clogged a toilet at Royal Live Oaks Academy, his teacher punished him by making him reach in through the feces with his bare hands to unclog the toilet. The school says that they told the boy he used too much toilet paper so he had to reach in and remove the excess paper. When the boy’s mom found out, she did not condone what he had done, but she was livid by the teacher’s actions.

She told the media:

“He has to live with these decisions from the teacher, taking matters into her own hands and handling the situation that way. I feel like they should be not just suspended if that’s what happened, they should be fired.”

As news of what happened became public, a number of people expressed their outrage and disgust with the teacher’s actions. Among them was Barbara Clark, Jasper County Chairwoman and a teacher with 35 years of experience. She commented about what happened, saying:

“I’ve heard of a lot of things in teaching, but I’ve never heard of anything like this. I call it exactly how I see it, and that is wrong. It is so ridiculous, and every time I think of it, it makes me sick.”

“It was belittling to the student it happened to, it was belittling to the teaching profession, and it should have been belittling to the teacher who had the young student do something like that.”

“Get them out of that school. That is going to put a stigma over that school and we want to see our schools in Jasper County succeed. We want to see the negative go away. We want to see the positive.

“And here it is, another negative.”

The public has also been making their comments about what happened:

Charles wrote: “I can’t think of any reason why the school would want those teachers back in the classroom.”

hollyfairview70 wrote: “They need to be fired for good. That is biologically hazardous, no excuse for what they did.”

Michael Jenkins wrote: “The teachers shouldn’t just be fired, they should be arrested. What they did was child abuse and endangerment, period, end of story. If it was my kid they would both be in the hospital.”

Neilander Jensen Bch wrote: “Both fired, after they cleaned all the toilets with their bare hands. Unimaginable … poor kid.”

Helen Mclean Alexander wrote: “If parents had made their child to do that, social service’s would get involved and more than likely the parents would be charged with child cruelty! They should be fired the both of them!”

I’ve been saying again and again that parents need to take a serious look at their children’s schooling and if at all possible, homeschool them. If that’s not a possibility, then try to get them into a private school with a good reputation. If you have no alternative but to put them in public school, then get involved. Know the teachers and administrators along with the curriculum being taught. Make your voice known and check your child’s school work on a daily basis.

So what would you do if that happened to your child?

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