$70,000 To Advertise Obama’s Lies to Pakistani Muslims

Watching the national news last night, I saw a news story about how the U.S. is spending $70,000 on ads of President Barack Obama and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.  The ads are denouncing the anti-Islamic film that supposedly sparked riots and protests against the United States around the world.  With Arabic subtitles, the ad will be run on seven Pakistani television channels.

They played a clip of President Obama and what he said infuriated me:

“Since our founding, the United States has been a nation of respects of all faiths.  We reject all efforts to denigrate the religious beliefs of others.”

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Excuse me Mr. President, but that is a bold faced lie and I for one am sick and tired of you lying and pandering to Muslims in other countries while you denigrate the religions of millions of Americans here at home.

You tell the Muslim world that the United States respects all faiths and religions.  Yet in your administration, you have trampled and denigrated the religious beliefs of Christians and Jews.

The contraception mandate is being forced on us without any regard of how repulsive it is to our faiths.

Same-sex marriage is also an affront to the beliefs of Christians and Jews, but you don’t care and are shoving it down our throats anyway.

Military chaplains, under your Pentagon, were told that they had to perform same-sex ceremonies regardless of their faith.

When the U.S. soldiers burned the defaced Qurans, you apologized to the world, but said nothing of the Bibles that were burned at the same time.

Artists allowed to display the Christian cross in a glass of urine, but it was okay because it was art.

You support Planned Parenthood that undermines parental authority and control, both Christian principles that obviously you know nothing about.

Anyone in America is allowed to say or do anything to denigrate and blaspheme Christianity and Judaism because of the First Amendment rights of free speech.

Under your administration, no one is allowed to express their religious beliefs if it involves saying anything against homosexuality or Islam.

Mr. President, the list of atrocities committed against Christianity and Judaism under your administration would fill volumes.  Yet you have the audacity to spend our tax dollars to sell your lies to Muslims in Pakistan.  You are a liar, a hypocrite and have the honesty of a habitual liar, but then again, that’s just what you are.

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