72 Year Old Granny Fends Off Home Intruder with .357 Magnum

One of my favorite topics to write on is when an American citizen fends off a potentially dangerous and life-threatening situation with their legally owned gun.

In the latest case I read about, 72 year old Jan Cooper of Anaheim, California was able to protect her wheelchair bound 85 year old husband from a home invasion.  It was around 12:30am Sunday morning when she heard the prowler outside the house.  The elderly couple’s Rottweiler was furiously barking, but the suspect wasn’t thwarted by the sound of the large dog.

Jan dialed 911 after grabbing her .357 Magnum Smith & Wesson revolver.  She begged the dispatcher to send the police right away because someone was at her back sliding door trying to break in.  She also informed the dispatcher that she had a gun.

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While still on the phone with the 911 dispatcher, Jan said that she could see the man’s silhouette through the blinds on the back door.  Then she told the dispatcher that he was starting to slide the back door open.  She told the dispatcher that she was firing, followed by the loud sound of a gunshot.

Jan was so angry at the man for trying to break into her house, she began cursing at him and telling him to back up and leave.  The intruder began apologizing and begging her not to shoot again and that he was leaving.  She informed the dispatcher that she wasn’t sure if she hit the guy or not, but that he was still in her yard.

Police were close enough to hear the gunshot and quickly apprehended 31 year old Brandon Alexander Perez.  He was not hit by the bullet, but a police investigator said that it had to have come within a couple inches of his cheek.  Jan had fired her gun through the opening in the door, narrowly missing Perez’s head.

It turns out that Perez, who pleaded innocent to the attempted burglary charges, has a lengthy rap sheet that includes burglary and narcotics charges.  He was also out on parole from earlier charges, which is one reason I am so against parole.  I’ve seen and heard of too many crimes, even violent crimes being committed by criminals that are out on parole or probation.  If they are sentenced to 5 years, then let them serve 5 years, not 16 months.

After things had calmed down, Jan Cooper was apologetic for getting so angry and swearing the way she did.  She told reporters:

“I am a Christian woman and I’m very proud of it and I don’t curse, but after I shot, rage took hold and I just blasted away, and, in fact, afterwards my husband said, `I’ve never heard you talk like that!'”

When asked about the shooting, Jan replied:

“I don’t mean to shoot anybody, but whatever’s necessary to literally stop them – he was not going to come into my home.”

Fortunately, Jan’s handgun was properly registered and she had been shooting at a pistol range with her husband for over 20 years.  Even though she missed the intruder, she managed to shoot through the narrow opening of the sliding glass door without breaking the glass.

She is another shining example of why the Second Amendment is so crucial to the American people.  Had Obama, Biden and the rest of liberal Democrats had their way, Jan Cooper wouldn’t have had that handgun and would have had no way of defending her and her husband from the would be intruder.  There is no telling what Perez may have done to the couple had he managed to get inside and confront them.  Obviously her warnings and the barking Rottweiler didn’t frighten him which makes me tend to believe that he was probably high on drugs and may have done anything to get what he wanted.  Fortunately and thanks to Smith & Wesson, the Coopers didn’t have to find out what could have happened.  They are safe and sound.

Hooray for Jan Cooper!

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