8 Yr Old Autistic Boy Not Allowed to Read Bible during Free Time at School

You would think that educators are capable of learning on their own or even being able to be taught something, but evidently there are a lot of them out there that aren’t educatable.

It seems that nearly every week or two there is another news report about a teacher that violates the constitutional rights of their students.  Only after lawyers get involved do the teachers and school administrators find out they were wrong and have to apologize or make amends for their wrong doing.

We’ve heard of teachers telling female students to take their shirts off in class because the teacher didn’t like the student’s political views on the shirts.  We’re heard of teachers failing student’s reports because they wrote about God.  We’ve heard of teachers throwing gifts for other students in the trash because they mentioned Jesus.  We’ve heard of more teacher abuses of students involving religion, politics and guns.

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And in all of these cases, the teachers were wrong and violating the constitutional rights of the students.  Hopefully, teachers at Highview Elementary School in Dearborn Heights will also learn the same lesson as the others have.

Jessica Cross has an eight year old son and six year old daughter that attend Highview Elementary and she’s not happy with what’s been happening.  Her son is autistic and anyone who has been around an autistic child knows just how fragile they can be concerning certain things.  Some will retreat so far back into themselves that it’s almost impossible to reach them.

One of her son’s favorite things to do is to sit and read his Bible.  He takes his Bible to school and reads it during his free time, that is until recently.  Cross found out that a teacher told her son that he wasn’t allowed to read his Bible at school.  Her son was actually told that his Bible was ‘for church, not for school.’

That was upsetting enough for Cross but then to add to the situation, she says the school has been excessively placing her son in timeout and denying him lunch.  Then she discovered that her six year old’s worksheet is talking about dad drinking wine.  The statement on the worksheet said:

“My dad drinks wine.  He puts a lime in his wine.  It makes my mom smile.”

What in the world is that doing on a worksheet for a 6 year old?  Is the school promoting drinking alcohol to 6 year olds?  That’s what Cross was wondering also.  She went to the school to complain about what’s happened to both of her kids.  The school ended up apologizing for the worksheet, but I couldn’t find anything to say that they were going to prevent it from happening again.  As for Cross’s autistic son, the principal said that he was allowed to bring his Bible to school and read it on his free time.

I hope the teacher who banned the Bible is forced to apologize to Cross and her son and made to undergo training on the constitutional rights of students and then has to pass a proficiency test in order to continue to teach.  In fact, I think that should be mandated for all teachers throughout the country since so many of them are obviously ignorant of the rights of students.

I also hope that parents take this as a lesson for them in that it’s important for parents to be involved with their kids’ school work and see what they are being taught.

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