9-Year-Old Old Black Boy Gunned Down, and Media and Black Leaders Remain Silent

9 year old Antonio Smith was gunned down in a hail of bullets in Chicago. Smith was a black kid who was needlessly riddled with bullets, but you haven’t heard any of the main stream media or black leaders like Al Sharpton screaming for justice. Why?

Members of the Sircon City offshoot of the Gangster Disciples were cruising through the Greater Grand Crossing neighborhood looking for members of their rival gang, the Pocket Town, faction GD. They spotted two men that they believed to be part of the rival gang. One of the gang members in the cars handed a gun to one of his partners and told him to go shoot the two men.

As he approached his targets, they saw young Smith in a back yard and thought he shouted out a warning to their two rivals, so he opened fire on the 9 year old. Smith’s body was later found along a set of railroad tracks that served as a dividing line between the two gangs. He had been shot multiple times.

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So again I ask why was the media and black activists so silent and not outraged at the murder of Antonio Smith? After all, Smith was a black kid, but then so were the four men that have since been arrested and charged with his murder.

While black leaders remained silent, the community spoke to our local law enforcement, leading them to Jabari Williams, 22, Derrick Allmon, 19, Michael Baker, 19 and Paris R. Denard, 19 who have been charged with first-degree murder. Allmon, identified as the actual shooter, had just been released on parole after serving only 1 ½ years of a 3 ½ year sentence for a weapons conviction.

Blacks killing blacks happens far more often than a white killing a black. In fact, more blacks are murdered by other blacks than by all other ethnic groups combined. Why isn’t Sharpton screaming about these murders? The answer is simple; the black on black crime does nothing to fuel his prejudicial hatred for whites. Keeping racial hatred alive and burning is the only thing that keeps Sharpton employed. As for the media, it won’t help their liberal agenda by reporting the senseless black on black murders but the trumped up racial murders sell news and keeps them secure in their jobs. If there was no racial war in America, Sharpton and a number of news people would be out of a job, so no, they won’t report on the cruel murder of 9 year old Antonio Smith.

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