900,000 Deportation Orders for Illegals Not Deported

How many times have you seen a parent continually tell their child to stop doing something or else but the ‘or else’ is never followed through? That’s pretty much what’s happening with nearly 900,000 illegals here in the US.

According to a The Center for Immigration Studies document:

“ICE’s weekly metrics report includes information on the number of aliens who have been issued a final order of removal, but who remain in the country. As of September 30, 2014, the total number of such aliens was 897,572. Of these, less than 2 percent (14,629) were detained in ICE custody. Yet 174,258 of these post-final order deportable aliens were convicted criminals. Only about 4% (7,477) of the convicted post-final order aliens were detained in ICE custody.”

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“This means that, as of the end of the 2014 fiscal year, there were approximately 167,000 convicted criminal aliens at large in the United States (released by ICE) who have been ordered removed and exhausted all appeals. In addition, there were approximately 716,000 deportable non-criminal aliens at large who have been ordered removed and exhausted all appeals.”

The document concludes:

“The Obama administration has sought to portray its performance on immigration enforcement as smarter, better, and more successful than previous administrations. In addition, it has sought to deflect public attention away from the decline in interior enforcement by emphasizing border apprehensions, by shifting the border deportation caseload to ICE, and by diverting more ICE resources to supporting the Border Patrol’s enforcement activity.”

“Yet the statistics kept by ICE to measure interior enforcement activity reveal that it is in a state collapse, with declining arrests and deportations, tens of thousands of criminal aliens being released back in American communities, and many more illegal residents who have been declared immune from enforcement. Such a state of affairs will continue to attract new illegal settlement, further increasing the burden that illegal immigration imposes on the nation. In addition, it serves as an invitation to foreign groups and individuals who wish to inflict harm on Americans to take advantage of our lax policies.”

“Congress can affect this situation by restraining further executive action what would shield even more illegal residents from enforcement, and by insisting that the executive branch agencies spend the public funds they receive to carry out their enforcement mission in a way that is consistent with congressional and public expectations.”

Americans need to start demanding answers from the Obama administration on why they are not carrying out federal immigration laws and why they aren’t deporting all of the illegals who have final deportation orders! There is no excuse in allowing nearly 180,000 illegals who have been convicted of crimes to freely walk our streets. Nor is there any excuse for why the other 716,000 illegals with final deportation orders remain free in the US.

Perhaps if the GOP wins control of the Senate in November, we’ll be able to force Obama to give those answers and do his job in seeing that all of the illegals with final deportation notices are in fact deported.

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