9/11 and the Islamization of America

When the shock of 9/11 wore off, most Americans became quite patriotic and vowed to take revenge on the Muslim extremists responsible for the attack.  A number of people I knew took the revenge aspect further and blamed the entire religion of Islam for what happened.

As time elapsed, sadly so did much of the patriotism.  The number of American flags flying on homes across the nation diminished along the patriotism.  The wounds of 9/11 healed over and American’s went on their merry way once more.  As the wounds of 9/11 have been healing over, I’ve noticed two very disturbing trends that have taken place since we were so viciously attacked.

First is the loss of personal privacy.  In the government’s effort to shore up America’s national security, they have crept into our private lives like bed bugs invading your home.  Emails are being monitored for key words that may indicate a terrorist plot.  In some areas, cell phone signals are also being monitored.  The Internet patrol is constantly searching through the millions of daily posts to the internet and social media sites.  Computer programs are monitoring our spending and buying habits.  The federal government is preparing to install face recognition software to use on all the thousands of video cameras that watch our movements and airport security now views our naked bodies through their scanners.

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The privacy we once knew and took for granted is gone in the name of national security and it is a direct result of 9/11.

But what concerns me even more than the loss of privacy is how the very religion that launched the 9/11 arracks and has vowed to destroy America has spread across our nation like salmonella on a day-old mayonnaise sandwich.  In 2000, there were 1,209 mosques in the U.S.  By 2010, only 9 years after 9/11, the figure grew by 74% to 2,106 mosques.

Robert Spencer, founder and director of Jihad Watch believes Americans should start taking a serious look at the rise of Islam in the United States, saying:

“We can say that 9/11 was a great boon for Islamic supremacists, because it enabled them to get access and make inroads into American society to an unprecedented degree.”

“It could be very bad for defenders of freedom if Obama is re-elected, and there could be real effort to shut down pro-freedom websites and pro-freedom radio commentators. It’s a very real possibility that that could happen.”

“Canada is really taking over the leadership of the free world and is showing that Obama has largely abdicated that role.   Canada is doing what the United States ought to have done a long time ago.”

Celebrated Christian radio host Janet Parshall also warns of the spread of Islam and what its implications are, saying:

“It’s still a part of the game plan, and those Islamacists who want that caliphate to be put in place work slowly, consistently, steadfastly — and they have much more patience than we do generally here in the West.”

“It’s like saying during World War II [that] we’re fighting the Nazis, but we don’t mention the Nazis by name.   So we need to recognize that there is an enemy who has stated declaredly that they want us dead. [To them] we are the ‘Great Satan.'”

And how are they doing it?

Ihsan Bagby, associate professor of Islamic studies at the University of Kentucky said that according to his studies:

“98% of mosque leaders say Muslims should be involved in American institutions and 91% agree that Muslims should be involved in politics.”

While the Silent Majority in America has remained silent and uninvolved in politics and other important positions of leadership, Muslims have been actively involved in politics and business and education.  Their conquest of America will not be the result of violent attacks or uprisings, but by gaining control of the infrastructure of the nation piece by piece until they control enough of the foundation of America to completely rebuild a new Islamic structure where Christianity and freedom once stood.  Like a frog in a pot of water, Christians, Jews and conservatives are sitting complacently as the Muslims are slowly turning up the heat under the pot.  If we don’t jump out and get active, we will be cooked and devoured by those currently controlling the heat.

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