Gun Confiscation During Hurricane Katrina Gives Us Picture of Road Ahead

Did you know that when Hurricane Katrina took aim at the city of New Orleans in 2005, the Democrats in power at the time used the opportunity to disarm the people of the area?

In August of 2005, Katrina, a category 5 hurricane did its best to destroy the city of New Orleans and surrounding communities.  Large areas of the town were flooded and the National Guard was called in to help stop the looting and to rescue people.  The order was given to tell everyone in the city to leave.  Heavily armed Police and National Guards troops went door-to-door, block-by-block to evacuate the city.

I’m not sure if the order was given by the Democratic governor at the time, Kathleen Babineaux Blanco, the Democratic mayor at the time, C. Ray Nagin, or the superintendent of police, Eddie Compass, but the order given to confiscate all weapons in all homes.  You can see Compass giving that order on the video below.

Police and troops not only went to the flooded areas of the town and confiscated guns, but they also went to the high and dry wealthy parts of town and confiscated all of their weapons as well.  It left them without any means of self-protection at a time when rioting and looting had taken place a couple days earlier.

There was no justifiable reason to confiscate the guns from the homes that were not affected by the hurricane.  If anything, these people needed their guns to help insure their own safety and that of their families.  They used the guise of a state of emergency to carry out their disarming of the people.  I believe the liberal Democrats violated the Second Amendment rights of the citizens of New Orleans when they did.

But be warned.  They did it successfully then and are about to try it again, and perhaps, they used Katrina as a test run for the future.  Instead of a hurricane creating a state of emergency, it will be the economic collapse of our nation.  Obama will declare a state of emergency and establish martial law.  He will then give the order to confiscate all weapons from all Americans, just like what they did in New Orleans.  Also consider the fact that Obama has been tailoring his military leadership to include those who will shoot fellow Americans if given the order to do so.

Therefore, I contend that if you want to see what’s coming in the near future, look at what happened with Hurricane Katrina and project it to a national scale.