99.4% of Purchase Denials Due to Firearm Background Checks are False Positives

Barack Obama, Michael Bloomberg and other radical leftists are still working hard to pass any and all forms of gun control they possibly can. Their ultimate goal is outlaw all private ownerships of firearms leading to the confiscation of all privately owned firearms and the socialist takeover of America.

One of those efforts is taking place in the state of Washington where two measures will be on the ballot in November that involves background checks. One measure would require universal background checks for all gun sales and transactions. The measure would even require an extensive background check for both parties if a grandfather wanted to give his grandson one of his rifles or shotguns. The other measure prohibits the expansion of background checks.

But just how effective are these background checks? Barack Obama has been strutting around like a little banty rooster in a henhouse bragging about how background checks have prevented 2 million Americans from being able to purchase a gun.

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However, according to Dr. John R. Lott, President of the Crime Prevention Research Center, almost all of those 2 million denials should never have been denied. He stated:

“The problem is that virtually everybody who is actually stopped by background checks are false positives – people who should be able to go and buy guns but simply have a name that is similar to someone law enforcement does want to stop.”

“President Obama will frequently say that there are two million prohibited people who have been stopped from buying guns because of background checks. That’s simply false. What he should say is that there have been two million initial denials.”

“When you look through the data, over 99.4 percent or so of those individuals who are stopped appear to be law-abiding citizens who simply had a name similar to someone prohibited from buying guns.”

Lott also commented about the background check initiatives on the ballot in Washington, saying:

“This initiative in Washington is the one real initiative on gun control that is there, and I think one of the reasons why you have so much money being spent by Michael Bloomberg and others to try to get that Washington initiative passed is that once they get it passed in the state of Washington, my understanding is they’re going to try to get it passed in Arizona and Nevada and other places two years from now.”

That’s the same way liberals started getting same-sex marriage legalized. They concentrated their efforts in one liberal state until it became legal and then they moved on to another state and then another. Bloomberg, who is one of the richest men in America, has vowed to spend millions of his own dollars to help get anti-gun laws passed here in the US. He helped get some passed in Colorado, but the people of the Rocky Mountain State are already starting to rebel against them and the politicians that pushed them through the legislature. Two state politicians have already been removed via recalls and now there are indications that Colorado’s liberal Democratic governor may lose his job in a couple of weeks.

Time and again statistics and facts reveal that most gun control laws only hurt law abiding citizens and help the criminals. Liberals like Obama and Bloomberg don’t care about constitutional rights or people being able to protect themselves and their families. They have an agenda to disarm America and are hell bent on achieving that agenda no matter what it takes.

It’s up to all of us to stop them. We can stop them at the polls and we can stop them at our front doors. Like I’ve said before, liberals may be asking for our gold and silver, but sooner or later all they’re going to get is our lead!

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