99 Percenters are 99 Percent Lunatics

Yeah, I know, more hype and coverage of the Occupy Wall Street movement, but some of them are finally spelling out their demands.

Previously, the general message was that they wanted to distribute the wealth so that everyone will prosper.  They were protesting the economic condition and lack of jobs.

But now they are making their demands heard and if you think Obama’s jobs program would have cost jobs and further ruined the economy, wait till you see what these lunatics are asking for:

  1. Guaranteed living wage income regardless if they are working or not.
  2. Raise the minimum wage to $20 per hour.
  3. Ending the consumption and reliance of all fossil fuels.
  4. Opening America’s borders so that everyone in the world is free to travel, live and work where they want.
  5. Allocate $1 trillion for infrastructure.
  6. Allocate $1 trillion for ecological restoration such as restoring the natural flow of river systems.
  7. Providing a free college education to everyone.
  8. Forgiveness of all debt on the entire planet.
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So let’s take a look at these demands and what effect they may have on the nation and people.

1.  If everyone received a living wage regardless of whether they worked or not, what would be the incentive to work?  I once met an elderly American Indian man on a reservation.  This reservation allowed a gambling casino to be built on the reservation since gambling was not legal in the state.  The contract between the casino and the tribe allocated a certain percentage of casino profits be split among members of the tribe that lived on the reservation on a quarterly basis.  This elderly Indian showed me his quarterly check in the amount of just over $16,000.  He said the checks varied, but generally averaged around $15,000 to $17,000.  Since they received them quarterly, that meant that all adults on the reservation were making at least $60,000 per year for doing nothing.  He looked me in the eyes and told me this was destroying the reservation.  Very few younger adults bothered to get a job.  The rates of alcoholism, drug use, domestic violence, rape and murder were all increasing at alarming rates.

I truly believe that this gives us a glance of what America would be like in a very short period of time.

2.  Raising the minimum wage to $20 per hour would put over 90% of businesses out of business.  That would mean that 60%-80% of everyone working in the US now would be out of a job.  With that many businesses closing down, the vast majority of the products and foods we rely on will no long be available if there aren’t businesses to produce them.  Food shortages would be felt throughout the nation and millions would go to bed hungry every night.

3.  Ending the use and consumption of all fossil fuels would mean no more gasoline, diesel, plastics, lubricants, natural gas, coal, coal produced electricity, etc.  The results would be devastating.  This would leave millions without electricity, but even more importantly, most industry as we know it would quickly come to a grinding halt without the lubricants and fuels to run the equipment.  The nation would be brought to a standstill.

4.  Open the borders would basically eliminate America as a geographical nation.  It would be end to any form of patriotism or national pride.  It would be no different than the United Nation’s desire for a one world government.

5.  Allocate $1 trillion to infrastructure would further bankrupt the nation.  However, without the use of fossil fuels or a workforce willing to actually work for a living, there won’t be any need for further infrastructure.

6.  Allocating another $1 trillion for ecological restoration may sound like a great idea, but who is going to apply for outdoor jobs in the heat, cold, rain and snow while they get paid for staying at home?  With no fuel or lubricant for machinery, how are these projects going to be accomplished.

7.  Wow, a free college education for everyone?  Where are the trillions of dollars necessary to operate colleges and universities, pay for faculty and staff, and all of the expensive equipment and computers required in so many fields of discipline to come from?  Besides, with most industries and businesses no longer operating, who’s going to hire graduates fresh out of college?

8.  Forgiveness of all debts worldwide is actually the closest any of these demands come to being something sound.  When God handed down the laws to Moses, they included a Year of Jubilee, where every 49 years the trumpets would sound on the Day of Atonement to declare the 50th year as a Year of Jubilee.  During the Year of Jubilee all debts would be erased.  I imagine that countries like Greece, Italy and the US would love to have all of their debts wiped clean.  I would love to have my mortgage and credit card wiped clean to a zero balance.

However, the biblical Year of Jubilee also requires that all lands be returned to their original owners.  Since this was not part of the OWS demands, I’m not going to even breach that possibility at this time.

It should be obvious that those making the demands have absolutely no clue of reality or what they are asking for.  If they think anyone will take these demands serious, they must be lunatics.  Now realize that these are the people that many Democrats, union officials and other liberals are embracing and endorsing which may make them just as crazy or deranged as those making the demands.

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