A Balanced Budget Amendment Needs Sanctions

Most Americans do not know that the Federal government of the United States of America is required by law to balanced its budget every year. The little known Public Law 95-435 enacted by Congress and signed into law by President Jimmy Carter in 1977 has been ignored every year since it was enacted. You may ask yourselves why hasn’t Congress been balancing the budget if there is a law that exists that requires it? You need to remind yourself that Congress ignores the Constitution regularly so why should they obey a law?

Public Law 95-435 reads in part:

PL 95-435: “Sec. 7. Beginning in fiscal year 1981, the total budget outlays of the Federal Government shall not exceed its receipts.”

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We must acknowledge something: for a law to have meaning there must be a negative sanction for failing to comply. How can laws be enforced if there is not reason to comply?

A Balanced Budget Amendment isn’t the perfect solution to our problems and its current proposal is no more useful than the law passed in 1977 because there are no negative sanctions for failing to pass a balanced budget.

I suggest we add a particular negative sanction to the proposed Balanced Budget Amendment. This sanction needs to have real meaning. It may read something like:

1. For each day a balanced budget has not passed both the House of Representatives and the Senate and signed into law by the President of the United States, all elected officials of the United States of America and their staff will receive no pay. Each day a balanced budget does not become law will be equal to 1/365 of their yearly salary.

2. All taxpayer funded services will become forbidden for use by all members of Congress and the President for each day a balanced budget does not become law.

In the meantime, Godfather Politics has partnered with Vision to America and Patriot Update to deliver a petition to Congress. ‘Tell Congress: No Budget…No Pay!

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