A Democrat Fantasy in Real Life?

Democrats from the Democrat National Committee to the last name on a California tombstone where 22 of 58 counties have more Democrat votes cast than registered voters in every election, but the county’s Registrar of Voters officers see no problems, are the same people who think we are at war with Russia and a Donald Trump phone call to Vladimir Putin is an impeachable offense.

It is amusing to see Democrats feign insults and twist “sh*t” into racism when Mr. Trump makes an inartful statement regarding one of the English language’s most useful words.  Where they gasp and gesticulate the people agree the countries Mr. Trump calls “sh**holes” are exactly that and they never, ever want to go to them.

Mr. Trump did not say the people were “sh*t.”  He was calling out the corrupt governments; not the people.  Nonetheless, the Democrats need to learn more about our language.  The language of the people and particularly “sh*t.”  It is our most useful word.  To wit:  It is sh*t.  Yes, sh*t is the most functional word in the English language.  Consider:

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You can be sh*t faced,  sh*t out of luck or have sh*t for brains.
With some effort, you can get your sh*t together and find a place for your sh*t.  Or, decide to sh*t or get off the pot.  You can smoke sh*t,
Buy sh*t and sell sh*t.   Lose sh*t, find sh*t, forget sh*t, tell others to eat sh*t or “Sh*t or go blind!”

Some people know their sh*t, while others can’t tell the difference between sh*t and shineola.  There are lucky sh*ts, dumb sh*ts, crazy sh*ts and sweet sh*ts.  There is bull sh*t, horse sh*t and chicken sh*t.
You can throw sh*t, sling sh*t, catch sh*t, shoot the sh*t or duck when sh*t hits the fan.

You can give a sh*t or serve sh*t on a shingle.  You can find yourself in deep sh*t or be happier than a pig in sh*t.  Some days are colder than sh*t. Some days are hotter than sh*t and some days are just plain sh**ty. Some music sounds like sh*t and some things can look like sh*t.

There are times when you feel like sh*t or you can have too much sh*t or not enough sh*t, or the right sh*t.  Even the wrong sh*t,
or weird sh*t.  You can carry sh*t.  Have a mountain of sh*t, or find yourself up Sh*t Creek without a paddle.  Sometimes everything you touch turns to sh*t while other times you fall in a bucket of sh*t and come out smelling like a rose.

When you stop to consider all the facts, sh*t is the basic building block of creation. God know sh*t and never forget: once you know your sh*t, you don’t need to know anything else! And, you can pass this along if you give a sh*t, but it seems that Democrats don’t know sh*t even when they are full of sh*t.

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