A Long Time Brewing the Socialist Tea

President Trump has repeatedly vowed that “America will never be a socialist country.” However, past and current events cast a dim prospect yet our hearts are enriched by such an American loving President. As each passing day brings forth the sense that his presidency is a Blessing, we also must realize that the weasel never sleeps and our time is now.

What Bernie began in his failed 2016 campaign has now infected the majority of the Democrat party. Integral to their immigration reversal from the Clinton years, when he vowed to rid America of illegals, its current political banter courts that very group which Clinton detested.

As foolish as it is, America is being spoon fed the notion that Bernie started this socialist upswing. It’s not that easy or simple. This has been brewing for well over a century. It’s just that it hasn’t caught on and a quick review of the past should shatter this Bernie myth; a myth that briefly credits his 2016 socialist declaration as being the springboard for today’s roughly two dozen hopefuls, all voicing their own anti-American pro-Socialist promises.

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Woodrow, as in Wilson, would be a good starting point in order to properly date socialism’s failed history in America. Long before young Woodrow became President, way back in 1887, this academic theorized, “For it is very clear that in the fundamental theory socialism and democracy are almost if not quite one in the same.”

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His verbal slip committed a no-no when tying democracy to its cohort, socialism. While accurate, unknowns are intended to remain so, such as any reference to “communism.” More acceptable and useful to current fashion is the concept of socialism being the conduit for attaining equality.

Wilson’s anti-American penchant apparently also fell on deaf ears during his 1912 Presidential campaign when theorizing that “The Constitution was founded on the law of gravitation.” He continued with, “The trouble with the theory is that government is not a machine, but a living thing.”

For our young and idealistic crowd, you know, those who are so sure of what they don’t know, can these Wilson’s anti-American beliefs reflect that even a President can become an educational victim or are the tentacles of higher learning so deeply embedded that facts remain irrelevant? This seemed to be the case with Wilson.

And it is education which is finally becoming a gnawing concern, as it should, since over one hundred years ago, the atheist/socialist John Dewey was anointed as the “father of education” in America. He also was an advocate for gradual change, so what could be a better avenue than controlling the classrooms of America?

This long ago educational format was the tool, as Alex Newman informs, from his co-authored work, Crimes of the Educators with the late Samuel Blumenfeld that, “Dewey’s plan was to impose on America a form of cultural genocide.” For too many decades, academia and it’s cohort, the media, have worked in concert to mold and revise American opinion and sentiment away from our traditional Americanism for more of a guilt ridden anti-American belief.

What has and is being taught on campus is now being echoed by the boisterousness of street protests under the banner of “resist.” Since Dewey’s quiet educational revolution, his intentional subverting of any proper study concerning America’s Founding and subsequent successes, not to mention proper conduct, self respect and a general appreciative approach is now being played out in the public square by mostly a student led chorus promoting anarchy!

Aside from Dewey and academia, political players have and are playing a pivotal role as a 1970 New York magazine piece by Harvard Professor Kenneth Galbraith entitled, “Richard Nixon and the Great Socialist Revival” revealed a bipartisan effort yet somehow failed to earn the public’s interest. Also from that time frame, Chicago Tribune columnist Walter Trohan wrote clearly and distinctly that, “Conservatives should be realistic enough to recognize that this country is going deeper into socialism…”

A self check of Marx’s major targets provides chilling evidence as to Trohan’s observations. First, private property must be eliminated, followed by the weakening of the family unit and finally the total destruction of the ‘opiate of the people,’ religion. The current tally should act as a wake up call since two out of three are in a downward spiral.

Back in 2016, it was all about Bernie Sanders’ declaration of being a democratic socialist; as if throwing in a democratic name tag carried more appeal. No sir, if it barks, it’s a dog and if it meows, it’s a cat and if its lure is equality through socialism, it’s still communism!

Given the nature of the controlled environs of colleges and universities, the numbers will eventually favor socialism if left unattended. Also contributing is nature’s calling of our seniors, and all the while as this protected brew has patiently enlarged its reach so that one day it could control one of America’s two political parties. It’s obvious which one succumbed but as Mr Trohan pointed out long ago, “…the policies of the government today, whether Republican or Democrat, are closer to the 1932 platform of the Communist party…” And remember, these rascals never sleep!

So, never mind the comic “Uncle Bernie” projections, remember, FDR called Stalin “Uncle Joe!” Our course and America’s future can only follow what was bequeathed from a long ago pledge of sacred honor! It’s time to be and act American!

Jim Bowman

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