A Muslim Woman’s Account of Abuse, Rape and Threat of Execution as Normal Way of Life in Iraq

Muslims are pouring into the US at an alarming rate.  Most of them are coming in as legal immigrants and some are using the unprotected US-Mexico border to enter illegally.  As the number of Muslims increase, so does their influence in politics and law.  More and more we are hearing incidents of sharia law usurping American laws.

Muslims repeatedly tell us that they are a religion of peace and they have no intention of changing America.  But when you look at some of their largest enclaves, like Dearborn, Michigan, you’ll see that they are changing laws and the ways of life here in America.

But do you really have any idea what life in a Muslim country is like, especially for the women?

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Akeela Hayder Green was born and raised in England.  Her father was from Iraq and when Akeela was only 13 years old, he sent her to visit relatives in Iraq.  He told her it was for a short time, but she later found out that he has sent her back for much longer and that she was to learn the Muslim ways.

At age 15, she was sold off into marriage to a man she didn’t know.  She said living with him was like being raped repeatedly.  Before her marriage, she was not a virgin and Muslim custom dictates that if a bride is a not a virgin that she is to be killed publicly to preserve the families honor.  When her aunt found out, they took her to a doctor who sewed up part of her vagina to simulate that she was a virgin.  The proof is that on the wedding night, the bride has to bleed onto a white cloth and then the next day, the cloth is passed around before family and friends as proof her purity.  Fortunately for Akeela, the surgery worked and she bled on her wedding night as the complete stranger that was now her husband raped her.

Eventually, she talked her husband and Iraq family to allow her and her husband to return to England to visit her father.  As soon as they arrived, she took off and left her husband.  That is another affront to the Muslim way of life and again placed her life in jeopardy of a possible honor killing.

Listen to her compelling story and then ask yourself if this is what we want America to become like.  Sharia law is a horrible law that allows men to treat women as a possession and not a person.  Women have no dignity, no freedom, and no hope under sharia law.

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