A RINO Joins the Liberals in Bashing the Tea Party

Senator Dick Lugar (R-IN) is mad at the Tea Party. He believes the Tea Party destroyed the chances for Republican majority in the Senate at the last elections. He claims that if the Tea Party wants a Republican majority – which, by the way, has never been a goal of the Tea Party to start with – they will have to vote for the old elitist guard like him who have the experience to do politics as usual.

Let’s see what good Lugar has done. Worked to continue pouring federal money into agriculture. Voted for the DREAM Act. Enthusiastic supporter of sending American troops to die for the interests of the elite. Supported Obama’s judicial nominations to the Supreme Court – both pro-abortion with a vengeance. Voted to include criticism of sodomy in the definition of “hate crime.” Voted to increase his own salary. Voted for TARP. Voted for federal gun control. And these are only the tip of the iceberg. Who knows how much lobbying money one will find, if Lugar is investigated just as thoroughly as Gingrich.

But he says, “A Republican majority in the Senate is very important.” Uh huh. It very important to have Rs voting than Ds. For the same laws, of course. But Rs is better. In truth, it is only important to Lugar. The Tea Party’s goal has never been to maintain a Republican majority. It was the Tea Party that developed the term RINO. Lugar fits that term perfectly.

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Lugar is scared, of course. He knows his voting record will come back to haunt him. He has always been a RINO, someone who wears a Republican badge but votes Democrat. He knows these days of politics as usual are over. The DC consensus between the socialists of all parties is coming to an end. The voters don’t buy the partisan rhetoric anymore; they know Lugar is the same socialist as the Democrats. And his personal position is threatened. He has been in the business of betraying his conservative constituents for a long time. And now they are out to get him.

Lugar wants the Tea Partiers to forget their commitment to moral values and vote on expediency. Too late. The issue of Republican vs. Democrat is becoming more and more irrelevant, as far as the Tea Party is concerned. Politicians like Luger with their backroom deals are the reason the US is in this mess. There is no discernible difference between Lugar and any Democrat Senator. “You can’t put a cigarette paper between them,” as Nigel Farage would say.

So Lugar has to go, for the good of this nation. And all the rest of them RINOs. We’ve had enough of them.

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