A Witness to British Elite’s Pedophile Dies

While the attention of Americans is focused on elections, the British press reported that a man who was close to and closely related to Jimmy Savile, the British celebrity and prolific pedophile, has conveniently died “of a broken heart.”

Vivian Savile, who “worshiped” his uncle, like him also worked as a charity volunteer. Reportedly he stopped eating after the accusations were revealed. “Heartbreak” is not a real medical condition. So far, no one in the major British media is showing any curiosity about a more specific post-mortem diagnosis.

Is it really possible that Vivian knew nothing about his uncle’s rather obvious perversity? According to the press, everyone on earth was fooled by him.

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Consider basic facts as they are admitted at this point:

Jimmy Savile’s 1974 autobiography, Love is an Uphill Thing contains stories that seem to both strongly hit at Savile predator nature, and that he was not worried about police. At one point in the book he claims that a police woman was persuaded to not press charges against him for spending the night with a runaway from a “remand home,” writing, “it was well known that, were I to go, I would probably take half the station with me.”

Savile’s victims report being shared with other men at parties and that other children were involved.

The UK Conservative Party is getting ready for scandal to break out as one of their famous members is named as a participant in a pedophile ring. Coming so soon after the Savile revelations, it is likely to be part of the same group.

Savile was investigated more than once and, for reasons that remain mysterious, the investigations stopped short of finding anything.

Media exposes were also stopped.

In 1990, Prince Charles took advice from Savile in order to choose Sir Christopher Airy as his private secretary.

In the 1980s, Prince Charles summoned Savile “to provide marriage guidance for both Diana and Sarah Ferguson.”

In all of this we are supposed to believe that Savile fooled “everyone” (except of course the police that started investigations and the reporters that started media documentaries that were all stopped for some reason). We’re supposed to believe that people while some people heard about these perversions (and even worse) in the eighties and nineties, others never knew a thing.

Savile moved freely among Britain’s ruling class. Like the case of Strauss-Kahn and his multiple prostitutes, we have to ask just how corrupt is our ruling class. From what we see so far, it looks like they are predatory perverts.

I would love to know if Vivian Savile, the recently departed nephew, even got an autopsy.

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