Ability or Likeability: Which Will Determine Next President

Once people started choosing their own leaders, it’s not always been the best qualified person chosen to do the leading.  Sometimes leaders have been chosen not on their abilities to lead but on their personality, and in more cases than not, the results have been disastrous.

One instance of a leader being chosen more on likeability and popularity was in the 1930s.  Adolf Hitler’s rise to power in Germany was largely prompted by his ability as a public speaker and convincing the people that he could lead them out of their current state of distress.  Gee, sounds like someone else four years ago, doesn’t it?

In fact, that is exactly what happened in 2008.  Barack Obama had no experience in anything other than socialism.  He had no economic, no business and no foreign diplomacy experience.  Like Hitler, Obama tickled the ears of millions of Americans and told them the lies they wanted to hear.  He made all kinds of promises of changes, and tickled their ears.  Obama came across as more likeable than Sen. John McCain did.  McCain had tons of experience in all areas, but experience and qualifications obviously meant nothing to the masses.

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This year, we are once again faced with a similar situation.  Obama still lacks any real positive experience.  In fact, when it comes to qualifications, Mitt Romney appears to be better qualified than Obama.  A recent USA Today/Gallup Poll indicated that twice as many people believe Romney is better qualified to deal with the nation’s economic problems.  The poll results showed that 63% of the respondents felt Romney’s background, including his time at Bain Capital, made him more qualified, compared to only 29% believed Obama was better qualified.

However, when it comes to likeability, roles were reversed and Obama was selected 2-1 over Mitt Romney.  I find this very troublesome as so many Americans today think more about being entertained and feeling good over what is practical and necessary.

More qualified or more likeable?  Which will determine the winner of the presidential election in November?  Will the majority of Americans vote with their head or with their heart?  We can only hope and pray that enough people see the disaster Obama has created and vote with their heads this time around.

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