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Kentucky to Ban Abortion to Eliminate Babies with Disabilities, or Sex-Based, Etc.

Senator Who Just Voted to Allow Human Babies to be Killed at Birth Now Wants to Protect… Kittens?

Democrat Introduces a ‘Testicular Bill of Rights’

Federal Court Upholds Ohio Law Limiting Funding for Planned Parenthood

Georgia Democrat Files Bill to Regulate Men’s Testicles

Top Doctors Say There’s NEVER a Time When Abortion is Needed to Save a Mother’s Life

Girl Scouts Gives Highest Award to Girl Who Headed Pro-Abortion Campaign

Alabama Man Sues Abortion Clinic On Behalf Of Himself & Unborn ‘Baby Roe’

Woman Claims Planned Parenthood Doctor Said They’d ‘Break The Baby’s Neck’ If Born Alive (Video)

Here’s Sen. Scott’s Powerful Speech On Senate Floor After Dems Refuse To Protect Born-Alive Babies

Poll Finds ‘Dramatic Shift’ Against Abortion with Democrats Shift to Infanticide

Vermont Passes Bill to Allow Abortion at Any Time for ANY Reason, Devalues Fetus by Law

If It’s OK to Kill Unborn Babies, How Can Killing and Eating an Ex-Girlfriend be Morally Wrong?

Obstetrician Says NY State Abortion Law Will Kill Many Mothers

Can a Person Who ‘Hates Abortion’ (Killing Unborn Babies) be a Democrat?

We the Born

If The Democrats Will Kill Unborn Babies, They Will Kill Us, Too

Dem Senator Patty Murray Blocks Bill Banning Infanticide For Babies Who Survive Abortions

Governor Northam Who Endorsed Infanticide Received $2 Million From Planned Parenthood

Aborting ‘Pre-Persons’: Sci-Fi Writer Philip K. Dick Saw This Day Coming

Vice President Mike Pence: Life Is Under Attack

Virginia’s Democrat Governor Ralph Northam Stands By Abortion After Birth Comments: “No Regrets”

Virginia Democrat Wants to Allow the Murder of Babies Even up to the Day They are Born

Virginia Delegate Submitted Bill To Save Caterpillars On Same Day As Late-Stage Abortion Bill

A Modest Proposal in Support of NY’s New Abortion Law

Virginia Governor OKs Women’s ‘Right’ to Kill Babies DURING and Even AFTER Birth

New York’s Gruesome, To Term Abortion Bill Now will Allow Actual Baby Parts to be Sold On Black Market

Abortion, 9/11, NY Jews, and a Holocaust Right Before Our Eyes

Planned Parenthood and the African-American Community

Martin Luther King Jr.’s Niece Says Planned Parenthood is ‘Inhuman,’ ‘Inhumane’

Networks Ignore 100,000 Member March For Life, Report on Women’s March Instead

Seven Republicans Who Just Sided with Democrats and Voted for Abortion Funding

Planned Parenthood Ignorance Shows Up in the Most Curious Places

Pro-Abortion Democrat All of Sudden Becomes Politically Pro-Life

How a 1950 Film Deliciously Ridiculed Planned Parenthood

Justice Brett Kavanaugh Sides with Leftists to Reject Case Against Planned Parenthood