Abortion Advocates Violating Constitutional Rights in Efforts to Stop Pro-Lifers

As some pro-life measures have been successful, pro-choice advocates are now turning to extreme measures including violating the constitutional rights of pro-lifers in their efforts to stop them from gaining any more ground.

Earlier this year in Jackson Hole, Wyoming, a number of pro-life advocates traveled to the picturesque town to promote their pro-life views at the local Elk Fest.  Several area churches had also joined in the plans to take part in the demonstration.

However, before the event was held, abortion activists convinced a judge to issue a restraining order against the group.  According to Spirit One Christian Ministries pastor Mark Holick, “They got a judge to sign a restraining order against us saying that we couldn’t do any pro-life activities or hold signs or pass out flyers or preach about abortion down at this festival that was on a public square.”

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Several members of the group showed up anyway and were subsequently arrested.  Although the charges were later dropped, the pro-lifer’s efforts had been successfully thwarted.

Pastor Holick and others involved are considering filing suit against the Jackson Hole officials involved in the issuance of the restraining order as it violated their First Amendment right to the freedom of speech.

In another instance of violating the rights of pro-lifers, is a new city ordinance being considered in San Francisco.

Abortion advocates have filed complaints against pro-life clinics claiming that they are using false advertising to lure women seeking an abortion to try to change their decisions.  As result of the complaints, the San Francisco ordinance, which was passed during its first reading, would require pro-life clinics to post signs indicating that they do not perform abortions and that they don’t furnish birth control measures either.  In addition, the ordinance would also require them to place the same disclaimer in all of their advertisements.

First Resort, a chain of pro-life pregnancy centers has denied the complaints are valid.  Spokesperson Maria Martinez-Mont said, “Each woman who comes to our clinic is provided full disclosure of the services we provide, so we believe this ordinance is completely unnecessary.  It’s going to be wasting San Francisco’s taxpayers’ money on an ordinance which was not needed and is probably not going to be upheld in court.”

Martinez-Mont also contends that the ordinance is a violation of the clinics First Amendment rights of the freedom of speech, especially considering the fact that abortion clinics are not and will not be required by the same ordinance to post what services they provide.  The ordinance is directed specifically at the pro-life clinics and will have nothing to do with abortion clinics.

Similar ordinances have been enacted in other major cities.  However, in Baltimore, the ordinance was ruled unconstitutional by a federal court.  The court said the ordinance was discriminatory and violated the freedom of speech of pro-life clinics.

I’m certain these are not isolated cases nor will they be the last cases of the pro-abortion advocates who will use whatever means they can, even if they are unconstitutional, to stop pro-lifers from being able to do what they feel necessary to do.  They want a double standard where they are free to carry on their murderous activities while at the same restrict the other side from having the same freedoms to try to save innocent lives.  Their actions are tyrannical and dictatorial and definitely not democratic or fair.

I wonder if they could be charged with conspiracy to commit unconstitutional acts upon others?

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