Abortion Clinics Closing At Record Pace

Of all of the legal industries in the United States, none are worse than the abortion industry.  This industry has legally murdered 50 million unborn children and an unknown number of mothers.  Abortions numbered as many as 1.39 million in one year alone with the highest number occurring in New York.  In 2009, there were 713 abortions for every 1,000 live births in New York City.

That same year, 2009, abortions to unwed women accounted for 85% of all abortions.  This is an indicator of just how far our society has fallen into sexual permissiveness and away from the Christian principles that once prevailed in our nation.

In 1991, there were nearly 2,200 abortion clinics in the United States.  Since 1991, our nation has grown less Christian and moral every year, yet the acceptance of abortion has steadily decreased.  Today, that number is down to 625 clinics and declining.  In 2012, there were 24 abortion clinics that closed their doors.  So far this year, 42 more  clinics have closed their doors.

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Operation Rescue President Troy Newman commented on the closings, saying:

“If you look around at the abortion industry, there’s not one single abortion clinic opening – they’re all closing, and it shows that from a high watermark in 1991 of about 2,200 abortion clinics, we’re down to 625; and the rate of them closing has sped up like never before.”

The latest abortion clinic to close was Femcare in Ashville, North Carolina.  On July 18-19, the North Carolina Department of Health conducted a routine inspection of Femcare and found a number of violations.  It was the first time the clinic had been inspected in six and half years.

North Carolina recently passed a law requiring abortion clinics to comply to the same standards as an outpatient surgery center must meet.  Newman commented about meeting those standards, saying:

“They cannot comply with normal ambulatory, medical, common-sense standards of medicine, and when they’re inspected, like this particular one was for the first time in six-and-a-half years, they’re forced to close. They lose their medical license.”

I wonder if newer technology such as ultrasounds and even the newer high resolution ultrasounds that yield a three dimensional image of the unborn child are responsible for the turn in public acceptance of abortion?  Unborn children are now seen smiling, reacting to the mother’s voice and music.  They’ve also been seen trying to pull away from and react to the abortion suction tubes used to rip them apart limb from limb.  The number of children born prematurely and surviving has drastically increased in the past 20 years due to new medical procedures.

All of these factors could be contributing to changing the perception that the growing lump of tissue inside a woman’s womb is a living and feeling human being.  The only difference between them and us is their age and location.

We need to continue to pray for the closing of more abortion clinics until they are all gone.  If a woman doesn’t want a child, then she shouldn’t be having sex in the first place.  It’s time America stops punishing innocent and unprotected children from the sins of the mother.

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