Abortionist Gets Slap On Hand For Pulling Gun On Pro-Life Protesters

40 Days For Life is a national organization whose main modes of operation is to stage a 40 day pro-life protest outside various abortion clinics.  According to their website, they claim to have closed 23 abortion centers around the country and saved 5,928 babies from being brutally murdered while still in the womb.

In September of 2010, they began one of their 40 day pro-life protests in front of the Charleston’s Women’s Medical Center, in Charleston, South Carolina, where Dr. Gary Boyle performed abortions.  Saturday, October 2, 2010, Boyle confronted three of the protesters by pulling a gun on them while he was still in his vehicle.  One of the protesters who faced down the barrel of the gun was only identified as a male juvenile.

Dr. Boyle claimed that he pulled the gun because he was in fear for his and his wife’s life.  However, protester Kenneth Ray Collins told police officers that they were only handing out literature and when they extended the literature to the approaching car, he found himself staring down the barrel of a handgun.

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The police arrested and charged him with a felony for pointing a firearm at a person.  In South Carolina, this felony crime carries a maximum sentence of five years in prison.  Much to the dismay of pro-life groups following the case, the charges against Boyle were reduced.  Then just prior to sentencing, the charges against Boyle were again reduced to a misdemeanor charge that only carried a $100 fine and no jail time.

Shawn Carney, spokesman for 40 Days For Life reacted to the news of the reduced charges by saying:

“The threat of violence is a threat of violence and should always be treated as a serious crime.  Boyle should be fully punished for his reckless and despicable actions.”

President and Chief Counsel Thomas Brejcha of the Thomas More Society commented:

“It was a shame that the charges were then reduced; and then right before the sentencing, they were reduced again by the solicitor. People at 40 Days for Life were very upset.”

“Well, we get calls repeatedly from pro-life people whenever somebody just accidentally bumps into someone on the other side, suddenly five squad cars come bearing down on them.  It’s a total double standard here and it’s just got to be stopped.”

There is no doubt that our current judicial system operates under a double standard, one for the Obama administration supported abortion industry and one for those that strive to save the lives of the unborn.  Pro-life protesters are regularly arrested for exercising their First Amendment right of free speech and now it seems that baby murderers who pull guns on pro-life protesters are only given a slap on the hand and told to go on with their homicidal ways.

Think about it.  A serial killer who goes out and kills six or more people usually ends up with life in prison or the death penalty.  Abortionists, who are the most prolific serial killers in our nation, get government funding and protection to continue their bloody ways.  And we wonder why God has withdrawn His blessing from our land?

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