Abortionist Gosnell Found Guilty of First Degree Murder and More

Yesterday a Philadelphia jury found abortionist Doctor Kermit Gosnell guilty on three counts of first-degree murder, one count of involuntary manslaughter, along with multiple counts of violating the state Abortion Control Act and of racketeering. He was acquitted on one count of first-degree murder of a newborn who prosecutors claimed let out a sigh as Gosnell stabbed its neck with a pair scissors and snipped it spinal cord.

All toll Gosnell faced over 250 charges and was found guilty on most of them.

The three counts of first-degree murder involved his practice of cutting the spinal cords of babies born alive. First-degree murder is defined as a premeditated act of taking the life of an individual which is exactly what Gosnell routinely did to any live baby.

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The conviction of involuntary manslaughter involved the 2009 death of 41-year-old Karnamaya Mongar who died of a drug overdose administered by a staff member at Gosnell’s clinic. Since the staff were supervised by Gosnell, he ultimately was responsible for the woman’s death.

Pennsylvania law requires that late-term abortions be a two-day process so that the mothers have 24 hours to decide if they really want to go through with murdering their baby or not. Gosnell was found guilty on numerous accounts of violating that 24-hour waiting period and performing late-term abortions on the same day is when the woman came to the clinic.

Also on trial, but receiving less publicity, was Eileen O’Neill, one of Gosnell’s staff. She was found guilty of two counts of conspiracy, for working as an unlicensed doctor that saw and took care of patients, and two counts of theft by deception. O’Neill has a sentencing date of July 15.

The jury had to sit through seven weeks of testimony and had to hear horror stories that would make a grown man cry. They saw photos and images of the bloody House of Horrors and I wonder if those five men and seven women will ever be able to get those images out of their minds or will they carry them with them the rest of their life. That same jury will come back on May 21 to hear evidence on whether or not Gosnell should receive the death sentence for his first-degree murder convictions.

I know many may disagree with me but I believe in an eye for an eye and a tooth for tooth. I also believe in public executions so that people will see what happens to those who commit such heinous crimes on other people. I don’t believe that we should worry so much about how humane or inhumane a death sentence is carried out considering what the guilty person did to their victims. In this case I believe someone should insert a pair scissors in the back of Kermit Gosnell’s neck, snip his spinal cord and allow him to slowly suffocate to death in the same way that those infants did at his hands. I truly believe that if this was done others would be less likely to follow in his footsteps and repeat his crimes.

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