Abortionist Murders “Ugly Black Babies” To Save Taxpayer Dollars

Over the years, I‘ve heard a number of reasons why abortionists do what they do.  In the vast majority of cases, they say they do it because they believe that women should have the choice to control their own bodies.  I’ve also noticed that very few, if any, abortionists think of the aborted babies to be anything more than a non-human piece of tissue to be removed, kind of like tonsils.

Occasionally, you’ll find an abortionist who does it for other reasons as is the case of abortionist Asutosh Ron Virmani, an abortionist in Charlotte, North Carolina.  A small group of pro-lifers recently confronted Virmani and caught the encounter on video.  When asked why he does it, he says that he doesn’t want to pay taxes to support murders like in Colorado or ugly black babies.  Listen for yourself:

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I would hope and pray that every black American would see and hear this video clip and express their outrage at the racist hatred expressed by Virmani.  Their outrage should be so great that it forces him to shut down his abortion clinic and move to some other country who may tolerate his bigotry and hate.

Dr. Day Gardiner, President of the National Black Pro-Life Union is one of those that are outraged and saddened by Virmani’s response caught on camera.  In her response she said:

“He is talking about saving taxpayers money…and the HHS mandate is saying we should be forced to pay to kill these children.”

“He is saying that any black child who is allowed to live [will] grow up to be someone who is very violent, with violent tendencies.”

Gardner points out that Virmani’s reference to the Colorado shootings was completely wrong and out of context.  James Holmes was white and was not from a poor family.  She also counters Virmani’s claim about saving taxpayer dollars by performing the abortions, pointing out that he receives tax payer dollars to perform the aboritions.

Gardner went on to say:

“More than anything the black community should be outraged.  The black community should stand up in that neighborhood…and say, ‘We will not allow this.  We will not allow you to kill our children just because they are born in a different social economy.’”

“It really has to be the black community that stands up and says, ‘No more’ [and] ‘the killing stops here.’”

“The Bible tells us that we are all God’s children and we are all special in his eyes and we are perfect in his eyes and I think that it is sad that in this society it’s what is on the outside that counts and what counts is that God sees us as his children and we are all perfect, each and every one of us.”

Besides the black community being outraged by Virmani’s comments, every American should be outraged.  This man is using taxpayer dollars to carry out his racist hatred toward blacks by murdering as many of their unborn children as possible.  If you ask me, Asutosh Ron Virmani is a serial killer of the worst kind and should be tried for hate crimes as well as numerous cases of premeditated murder or more commonly referred to as first degree murder.  And any Democrat that comes to his defense should also face charges of complicity.

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