Abusive Cops Joke About Planting Evidence

Our cultural degeneration spreads everywhere both into our underclass and into our patrolmen. We are left with a series of horror stores. In this case, the best that can be said about these “police men” is that they didn’t actually plant drugs on their victim.

“Two Seaford police officers pulled over a Dagsboro man on the night of his 43rd birthday, fired a stun gun into his ribs and roughly handcuffed him, mistakenly believing he was someone else, according to a federal lawsuit complaining about the 2011 incident. After the man protested that he had done nothing wrong, officers were heard laughing on a surveillance video after one suggested placing drugs in the man’s car, according to the lawsuit filed by Reginald G. Johnson. The lawsuit, filed in U.S. District Court in Wilmington last week against the city and two officers, alleges excessive force and malicious prosecution, among other charges.”

That description really doesn’t do justice to what happened since, in the video, we see quite quickly a mob of alleged “law” enforcers who jump in to “back up” their brothers who already outnumber their prey two to one, armed against unarmed. Nothing in the video shows any evidence they are worried that Johnson is secretly armed. He just didn’t get out of the car fast enough when they told him to, and thought he had the right to ask for an explanation, so they tasered him.

I know there are cops who do courageous things for the sake of others. This wasn’t one of those incidents. The video shows a pack of bullying, self-justifying, cowards. Later, one officer claimed he used the taser because he became scared for his own safety. If that is true, he ought to be working in a flower shop somewhere, not as a police officer.

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The bottom line for the cops was they felt they had the right to go from “How are you doing?” to “Get out of the car,” and expect immediate obedience. Their victim made no threatening moves at all but is heard asking why they are demanding that he leave his vehicle. As he is being mauled on the ground he continues asking:

“The electrical shock causes Johnson to drop to the ground, according to the suit and verified on the video. In between screams, Johnson can be heard saying, ‘I’ve done nothing man! What did I do? Lord have mercy, what have I done? I haven’t done anything!’”

To the police department’s credit, they ruled that the officer with the taser used excessive force and also disciplined the cop who made the joke about planting evidence. They also dropped the absurd charges of “resisting arrest” and “disorderly conduct.” It was obviously the cops who were being disorderly. But we, as citizens, should not have to live in fear of being tortured with electrical devices if men carrying guns give us orders that make us hesitate and want an explanation for the demands. This all happened over a year ago and only now is the victim starting to get public vindication. That is too little too late to produce a change in the behavior of police across the country.

Back when I watched the original space opera TV show Start Trek, I remember it was the evil Klingon Empire that used “Agonizers” to torture people to punish them or make them compliant. In one episode, however, the captain of the starship Enterprise returns to his ship to find that he has slipped into a parallel world where he and his crew belong to an evil empire and he watches his first mate use an agonize on a crewman. This horrible experience tells him he is not in his world anymore.

I don’t know if it was 9-11 or some other date. But I feel like the captain wondering what happened to the universe I knew. There was a time when cops didn’t use electronic torture devices on citizens to force compliance. And they certainly didn’t rough up people on camera.

I want my world back.

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