Accused Pedophile’s Case Dropped Because TV Program Caught Him Same Way Police Do

Virtually every police department in my area has officers who work on catching pedophiles and adults who prey on younger children.  They create fake identities on a variety of online chat rooms.  Most say they are young girls ranging in age from 9 up to 14 years of age.  Some pretend to be boys the same age.  The begin chatting with others and then target those that turn the chats to sex.  When the chat progresses to a certain level, the police move in and arrest the adult.

The process has been quite successful and we constantly hear of people in our area being arrested this way.  I’ve yet to hear of a case that was thrown out by a judge because it was considered entrapment.  It seems the process is okay for law enforcement, but if anyone else tries it, it’s ruled entrapment and the pervert is set free.

At least that’s the case of 26 year old Joseph Roisman.  In 2006, Roisman was in the US Navy when he wanted to meet the 13 year old girl he was chatting on line with.  The supposed girl was actually a person from the television program ‘To Catch a Predator’.  Roisman was arrested and charged with committing a crime.  Consequently, he was forcibly discharged from the Navy as he spent time in jail awaiting his trial.

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Last Tuesday, the case against Roisman was thrown out of court by Judge Arthur Wick, a California judge.  Wick said that the prosecutors could not prove that Roisman had any criminal intent when he tried to meet what he believed to be a 13 year old girl.

Excuse me?  What reason would a 26 year old man have for wanting to meet a 13 year old girl that he met online?  Additionally, Roisman took a bus and traveled 110 miles just to meet the girl.  If you expect us to believe that he just wanted to meet and buy her a soda with no other motive, you’re crazy.

Roisman’s attorney said that it was the girl, or rather staff from the television show that directed the conversation to sex and not his client.  Furthermore, he said that Roisman doubted the girl was only 13 because of the mature and sophisticated language she used online in the chats.  I find that argument hard to believe knowing what today’s kids hear on television, in the movies, in music and in video games.  Some of them speak more maturely than some adults I know.

Roisman’s mom says that the TV show put her son through five years of hell and that they plan on suing the show and NBC.  Prosecutors say they are disappointed that the judge didn’t allow the case to go before a jury and let them decide if Roisman is guilty or if he was entrapped.

If you ask me, Roisman put himself through five years of hell for stalking a 13 year old girl online and then traveling 110 miles to meet her.  I believe he had to have a sexual motivation for traveling that far to meet an underaged girl after their conversation had turned to sex, regardless of who said what first.

If by chance Roisman does this again or does anything with an underaged girl, the parents of his next victim needs to file a lawsuit against Judge Arthur Wicks for freeing Roisman to prowl for other victims.

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