ACLU and NAACP Fight for Right to Discriminate Against Race and Gender

In 2011, Arizona passed a pro-life law that made it illegal to perform an abortion based on the gender or ethnicity (I believe we are all one race, so I choose to use ethnic background or ethnicity instead of race).  The law doesn’t prohibit a woman from seeking an abortion based on gender or ethnicity, but it does prohibit the abortionist from performing such an abortion.

Part of the reason for the Arizona bill was to protect the civil rights of ethnic groups and genders.  It wasn’t uncommon for an Asian mother to abort her baby if it was a girl.  Additionally, more abortions are performed on blacks than any other ethnic group, including whites.

One would expect civil rights groups to support such a law and many of them have.  In 2012, the Lozier Institute conducted a poll that revealed that 77% of the people support laws banning abortion that are based solely on the gender of the baby.

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However, the ACLU has taken action that seems opposite to what they have always stood for.  Instead of protecting the gender and race civil rights issues with abortions, they have opted to file a law suit to challenge Arizona’s law.  The ACLU is fighting to allow abortions to be based upon gender and ethnicity.

What also surprises me is that the NAACP and the NAPAWF (National Asian Pacific American Women’s Forum) have joined with the ACLU in filing the lawsuit to block Arizona’s law.  I guess I shouldn’t be that surprised about the NAPAWF’s involvement in the suit as it is a common practice for Asian women to abort female babies and it seems they still want to be able to discriminate on the basis of gender.

The NAACP’s involvement in the lawsuit puzzles me.  More blacks are aborted than any other ethnic group.  You would expect an organization that has fought long and hard for the rights of blacks to support a law that would save a number of black babies from being murdered in the womb because of their color.  By joining the lawsuit, the NAACP is actually supporting racial discrimination against blacks which is a direct contradiction of everything they stand for.

The argument raised by these groups is that abortion should be legal on demand without any restrictions.  Yet, the very nature of their argument supports gender and ethnic (racial) discrimination which none of them actually support.  Thus lays the paradox of their logic.  They want to fight discrimination along with the freedom of abortion on demand, but you can’t have it both ways.

By their very actions, the ACLU and NAACP have chosen abortion on demand over their goals of eliminating gender and ethnic discrimination, proving that they are nothing more than liberal hypocrites.

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