ACLU, School District Spar Over Letting Kids Think

“You can’t handle the truth,” shouts Col. Nathan R. Jessup, played by Jack Nicholson, in the climax of “A Few Good Men” before proceeding to spill the beans about his involvement in a murder.

It should be the motto of the ACLU, which is battling the Springboro Community City School District in Ohio over its “controversial issues” policy, which states, “all sides of the issue should be given to the students in a dispassionate manner” when classrooms discuss topics for which there are two sides.

Specifically mentioned under the policy are “religion when not used in a historical or factual context, sex education, legalization of drugs, evolution/creation, pro-life/abortion, contraception/abstinence, conservatism/liberalism, politics, gun rights, global warming and climate change, UN Agenda 21 and sustainable development, and any other topic on which opposing points of view have been promulgated by responsible opinion and/or likely to arouse both support and opposition in the community.”

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The ACLU is having none of it, complaining that the policy violates the Establishment Clause because it allows — horrors — discussion of creationism and alternatives to evolution theory.

Think Progress — a liberal website whose idea of “progress” seems to be the elimination of independent, unapproved thoughts — derided the “controversial issues” as being “right-wing conspiracies,” such as Agenda 21, which actually has its own website that anyone not in denial can read.

The entire list of “controversial issues” has the Left in an uproar, but it’s the creationism angle that the ACLU seems to think can shut down the whole preposterous plan to make children think.

“It’s the job of families, not public schools to educate children on spiritual values,” said ACLU attorney Drew Dennis told The Raw Story. “It is irresponsible for schools to repeatedly waste resources designing these types of unconstitutional policies.”

Some parent have likewise been lobbying against allowing children to have unapproved information. Parent and community activist David Bowman told the local TV station, “I think this school board likes to play politics and likes to play games. This is merely a means for them to introduce their specific ideology. I don’t think they’re at all interested in teaching our kids critical thinking.”

Because if they were, they would have stuck with the traditional Left-side-of-the-story approach.

The school board can expect to wind up in court if it sticks to its guns. Whenever the Left is confronted with the possibility of alternatives to its most preciously held beliefs, deranged thinking and unhinged behavior inevitably follows.

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