Administration Covering Up That Border’s Wide Open

The Obama Administration frequently gives Americans reasons to wonder who’s minding the store.

But now a California Border Patrol union representative says the situation on the border is even scarier than that. Not only is the Administration effectively absent as thousands of illegal immigrants blitz our southern border, but they appear, yet again, to be engaging in a coverup as they assist America’s enemies.

Union representative Ron Zermeno told ABC 10 in San Diego that he has been placed under a gag order in an effort to keep negative news about the border from coming out.

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Despite the order, Zermeno said that the truth of the matter is that federal officials are intent on shipping illegal aliens north into the interior of the country, such as Murietta, California, and there are no agents actually patrolling the border.

As long as they send the bodies up there [to Murietta] to be processed, there will be no agents patrolling and that’s what the agency doesn’t want me to say,” Zermeno told ABC 10.

Last week, Border Patrol agent Hector Garza accused the Administration of “aiding, abetting and facilitating the smuggling of illegal aliens across the border.”

Garza told CNN that the tide of immigrants is orchestrated by the drug cartels, but that the Administration is letting immigrants go free with nothing more than a verbal promise to show up later at an immigration hearing, which most of them will skip.

With agents’ efforts turned to processing illegal immigrants, the cartels have been smuggling drugs and weapons across the border undetected, Garza said.

Garza didn’t address the gag order placed on Border Patrol agents, though the CNN reporter mentioned it.

Garza said the Administration is expecting U.S. taxpayers to pick up the burden of paying for the thousands of immigrants coming into the country.

“How do you expect a mother from Honduras that is crossing the country with three to five children, and they’re all young-aged children, how do you expect for that mother who comes to this country to actually begin working?” he said.

The gag order is also intended to keep Border Patrol agents and officials from talking about the health threat represented by hordes of people walking out of Central America and bringing tuberculosis, swine flu, scabies, HIV and dozens of other ailments not commonly found in the United States.

While the federal authorities are supposed to quarantine individuals suspected of being ill or carrying disease or parasites, due to the overwhelming nature of the current invasion, sources have said, “quarantine” may consist of nothing more than police tape around a given area in a warehouse.

Of all the dozens of scandalous events the Obama Administration — the “most transparent” Administration — has covered up, none directly endangers the American public like the current border crisis.

President Barack Obama, who has broken U.S. law with his imperialistic usurping of congressional power and who has inspired, if not directly caused, the present invasion, is colluding with or at least not opposing the schemes of murderous drug cartels and the anti-American La Raza movement’s “Reconquista” ambitions, and exposing Americans to crime, violence, disease and the destruction of their culture and society.

Has there ever been a bigger threat to America than the man sitting in the Oval Office?

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