Administration Dares GOP to Stop It

With each day that passes, it becomes more and more obvious that the Democratic Party not only believes it didn’t lose the recent election, but it believes that the time is right for President Obama to finish his takeover of authority delegated to Congress by the Constitution.

Global warming, Ferguson violence and executive amnesty compose a current deadly trio of issues, any one of which could spark a revolution during the lame duck session of the old Congress.

The White House, for its part, is hurling taunts at the GOP in hopes of provoking a reaction that could win back the hearts and minds of Obama’s supports.

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“I believe the president will complete actions. It is a top priority of his and I don’t believe they can stop us,” White House counselor John Podesta told reporters on a conference call Monday.

“They” is the GOP, in case you were wondering. So much for woolly thoughts of working together.

Fresh off his trip to the G20 summit, and amid an incredible nationwide cold snap, Obama is hoping that global warming  could be the ticket to a lasting legacy not dominated by scandals.

Of course, since global warming hokum is a scandal in itself, that’s not going to happen.

A global warming proposal being mulled by the White House includes $88 billion for North Atlantic states to build protections from supposedly rising sea levels, $6 billion for Midwestern states and $40 billion for drought-struck California. Most of the money notably goes to two major areas of the country that voted Democratic in the election.

Obama’s real legacy will be solidified when he uses an executive order to pass amnesty, then another to deal with the fallout in Ferguson, then when he orders some bizarre scheme to stop global warming. It will be the legacy of a dictator, not a president of the United States.

There’s talk of shutting down the government to stop Obama.

It worked so well last time.

The Democrats would love to have “the GOP would rather shut down the government than work with Beloved Leader” in their quiver for the next election. If Obama has any role in deciding what closes and what stays open, it will be a circus just like last time, with chain link fences and armed guards around national monuments while the flying monkeys of the Administration continue unhindered.

I still think that to hurt the narcissist in the Oval Office, you have to go for impeachment and expose all his crimes for the world to see. There are plenty to choose from.

When President Clinton was impeached, he didn’t care. That’s because he’s Bill, aka El Macho, and she was Monica, and it became about that stained blue dress instead of him lying under oath.

With Obama there’s no question of “what ‘is’ is.” He’s got an entire laundry list of real high crimes and misdemeanors, from using the IRS and NSA to target his political enemies, to fomenting revolutions and wars throughout the Middle East without permission of Congress, one result of which was Benghazi. Let’s not forget failure to enforce our borders, providing aid and comfort to terrorist enemies of the country and repeated willful violations of the constitutional separation of powers.

Those are heavy-duty charges, and that’s just for warm-ups.

Obama is no Clinton. Clinton gained strength from challenges. Obama’s a narcissist, not an egotist, which means he falls apart the more his image is tarnished. If he were to be brought up on impeachment charges, he would likely crack, very publicly.

There are plenty of people who disagree that impeachment is the way to go, and that’s fine. But it’s certain that this runaway train of an Administration needs to be stopped somehow, and if Congress can do it in a way that exposes the president for the fraud that he is, so that the voters won’t fall for such an act again, then so much the better.

The White House is spoiling for a fight because it thinks Obama can win his way through to a full-blown dictatorship as soon as Congress is out of the picture for good.

Congress’s job right now is to take up his challenge and make him regret the day he ever thought he was above the law.

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