Administration Underlings Admit Libya was Terrorist Attack; Obama, Hillary Take Out Ads Apologizing for Film

One thing about telling a lie, you inevitably wind up telling more lies to maintain the original whopper.

That’s what’s happening in the Obama Administration regarding the collapse of Obama’s foreign policy in Libya and the rest of the Muslim world.

The spin cycle began with the fib about the assault on our Libyan embassy being sparked by a poorly made anti-Islam video on YouTube, and the Administration has had its personnel spinning ever since.

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The media have helped maintain the front with ridiculous headlines like “Anti-Islam Film Protest Turns Violent.”

But there are cracks showing as lower-eschelon Administration officials are hesitantly coming forward with scraps of the truth.

In testimony to a Senate committee on Wednesday, National Counterterrorism Center Director Matthew Olsen said the attack on the Libyan embassy that killed our ambassador and three other Americans fit the definition of terrorism. That admission alone would seem like a breakthrough, but Olsen quickly stressed that the attack was “opportunistic,” towing the Obama Administration’s line.

Then on Thursday, Olsen and White House spokesman Jay Carney stretched the official vocabulary a bit by describing the attacks as not “significantly preplanned.” Carney also admitted the attack in Libya was terrorism.

So far, so good. All they have to do now is acknowledge the terrorism going on in the other couple of dozen countries, then admit that it’s Obama’s failed foreign policy that’s to blame.

To do that, the Administration would have to acknowledge what eyewitnesses in Benghazi have said publicly, that there was no video protest, that the attackers showed up with rocket launchers already in hand.

Then they could admit what Libyan officials have openly said, that the attack on the embassy was preplanned and U.S. officials were warned about it at least 48 hours in advance.

They could also tell the truth about using an unarmed British security force and disarming the Marines guarding the Egyptian facilities.

And to top it all off, the Administration could even admit that on the 11th anniversary of 9-11, nobody bothered to double up, or even to arm, security and issue warnings to diplomats and travelers.

Yeah, that’ll happen.

“Satanic Verses” author Salman Rushdie, who still has a $3.3 million fatwa on his head and thus knows a little about psychotic Muslim mobs, in an interview this week discussed the manufacturing of outrage in the Muslim world.

“Yes, there’s this stupid film,” he told CNN, “… and the correct response to a stupid film on YouTube is to say it’s a stupid film on YouTube, and you get on with the rest of your life. So to take that and to deliberately use it to inflame your troops, you know, is a political act. That’s not about religion, that’s about power.”

And in a struggle for power, what do you do? If you’re Obama, you roll over and show your belly with a wag of your tail in an attempt to protect your re-election chances.

The latest effort to maintain the facade is the airing of a commercial on Pakistani TV featuring Obama and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton talking about what a terrible video “The Innocence of Muslims” is and how the U.S. government had nothing to do with it.

I feel safer already.

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