Admitted Liar and Document Leaker Retains Key DOJ Job

The Department of Justice Inspector General has been conducting an investigation in the leaking of sensitive documents from back in 2005-2007.  Some of the documents that were leaked to the leftist Washington Post included confidential attorney-client records along with other confidential personnel information and highly sensitive legal papers.

On more than one occasion, the DOJ investigation led to career DOJ Civil Rights Division Voting employee Stephanie Celandine Gyamfi.  The first two times Gyamfi was interviewed by the investigators, she denied having any knowledge of the document leaks.  Digging deeper, the investigators found incriminating evidence implicating Gyamfi, prompting them to interview her a third time.

During the third interview session, Gyamfi again denied any involvement or knowledge of the document leaks.  Then she was presented with e-mails that revealed her role in the leaked documents.  At this time she supposedly broke down in tears and confessed that she had been lying to protect other DOJ employees.

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To date, Gyamfi has not been disciplined for lying to investigators or for her role in leaking the classified information.  Worse yet is that she remains at her job with the DOJ where she is involved with the government review of the congressional redistricting in Texas.  Oh yeah, did I mention that some of the documents and information she helped to supply to the Washington Post apply to Texas and its political redistricting?

If Gyamfi worked for any private company, she would have been terminated on the spot and possibly charged with criminal actions for leaking sensitive company documents to an outside source.  If she were a Republican, I’m sure she would have been dismissed and escorted out of the building.

Career employee with civil service protection or not, US Attorney General Eric Holder has the authority to take action against Gyamfi up to and including termination on grounds of her committing perjury and for illegally leaking the documents to the Washington Post.  But one has to wonder why Holder or any of her supervisors have not taken any disciplinary actions against her.

Oh, that’s right.  This is the United States Department of Justice.  This is the organization that is supposed to set the example for obeying and defending the laws of the land.  They would never do anything illegal or tolerate an employee who did anything illegal, would they?

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