Adultery Web-Site Nominated for National Business Award in Britain

Global Personals, a company that set two websites for online dating, has been nominated for the National Business Awards in Britain. There’s nothing wrong with online dating sites when dating has the goal of creating families; in fact, in the modern world where the pace of life and career growth have killed the traditional ways of meeting prospective spouses, online matching services can remedy the situation to a certain extent. But Global Personals has cornered a specific niche on the market: It offers dating services for married persons who are searching for illicit affairs. To put it bluntly, it is a company specialized in encouraging and promoting adultery; it makes money by helping men and women cheat on their spouses.

For over 1,200 years adultery in England was considered a felony, a very serious crime according to the English Common Law; philandering could lead to a death sentence for both men and women. The traditional family was considered the backbone of the English society and any open assault against it was regarded as worse than treason. Kings like Henry VIII may have had their mistresses but they were careful to not make it public; the English society has always been very sensitive to infidelity, and a King who would not honor his oath to his Queen could expect his subjects to treat him with just as much loyalty as he would show her. The Seventh Commandment, “Though shalt not commit adultery,” was interpreted by the church to apply to all kinds of oaths, not only the marriage vow, and therefore a man who was cheating on his wife was expected to violate his other vows too.

The family as an institution was elevated to a lofty position of having its own legal status within the kingdom which made kings and feudal lords forced to acknowledge its place, even for the lowest classes in the society. Families were expected to be the backbone of the economy – the dissolution of the family would mean starvation for the whole country, especially in the centuries after 1300 when the climate was brutal and the technologies hadn’t yet reached the level of producing enough to feed many people. The family also trained the military; the English and Welsh longbowmen transferred the skill from father to son, of both making the bows and using them. It took many years to train a bowman; and only a family had the time and the resources to train one. The family also had a judicial function; local communities judged their own matters, and a community given to debauchery and adultery couldn’t have the self-discipline and the mutual respect of its members to produce a solid foundation of justice. Nothing could replace the family in its economic, military, and judicial functions; therefore the Common Law dealt severely with everything that would go against that most important institution.

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As a result, England grew strong, much stronger than the other nations on the Continent who had better climate, greater availability of resources, and greater populations. By the 19th century it emerged as an economic giant and powerful military force. It was not the English politicians who achieved it; in fact, kings and nobles were often weak-minded or immoral or depraved. It was the English common folk, with their commitment to the Christian family who produced the strong nation that would conquer the world in the 1800s. Without the family at the foundation of the English society, Britain would never become what it was in the culmination of its empire.

And just as the rise of Britain can be traced to the strength of its families, it decline can be traced to the demise of the traditional Christian family. Nothing else can explain the rapid decline of an Empire but the lack of people who were trained from an early age to make the right moral decisions, men who were taught by their fathers to work and sacrifice, to honor their vows, to giver their lives for their wives and their children. The empire conquered not because any exceptional quality of its leaders but by the tenacity and loyalty of its soldiers and workers, and by the uncompromising devotion of men to their families. But when that devotion disappeared, there were no men worthy of the name. When families quit meaning anything, all meaning was lost. And when all meaning is lost, a society is lost.

And Global Personals is offering more of it. As if the British society has not disintegrated enough, burdened by loneliness, depression, hopelessness, socialism, and growing Muslim presence. As if the British society has discovered another solution for the ills that have been plaguing it for a generation now. Just when the British society needs to return to the social institution that made it great in the past, a company offers services that encourage the demise of that same institution. And it gets nominated for the National Business Awards.

Europe is in a deep hole, but she keeps digging. Instead of issuing a public reprimand against Global Personals for the unethical nature of their business, National Business Awards encourages them by listing them together with other companies. What is the message to the public, and what is the example that they give to Britain’s younger generation? That disloyalty and dishonesty pays. That family means nothing. that when Dad leaves the family and Mom is left to struggle economically to care for the children, this is OK.

And eventually the children grow disillusioned and confused. The result is the riots Britain had. And will have.

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