Afghan Government Betrays American Troops

When will American leaders learn that they will not establish a free republic type of government in any of the Middle East counties?  Every nation has at least two or more tribes or factions that have been warring with each other centuries.  Afghanistan is no different.

In Afghanistan, there are over 14 different ethnolinguistic groups or tribes and they have been there for hundreds of years.  They have warred with each other for hundreds of years.

The former Soviet Union got involved in the Afghan Civil War in 1979.  After nine years of futility, the Soviets pulled out without really accomplishing anything except sacrificing thousands of their soldiers and spending hundreds of millions of dollars.

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The United States learned nothing from the Soviets and entered the Afghan Civil War in 2001 as part of UN coalition and we are still there after 12 years.  Like the Soviets, we have made little headway in the war except to sacrifice the lives of over 3,400 brave Americans, thousands wounded at a cost of billions of dollars.

The question needs to be asked if we have really made any difference in the country or with the Afghan government.  The Afghan government just answered that question by their latest actions when they released dozens of terrorists that they had in prison.  These are the very people that the US is fighting and they are the people who have killed and wounded American troops.  The actions of the Afghan government are a strong indication of their lack of support for the US and coalition efforts in their country.

I hate to see the sacrifices of US troops go for naught, but is it worth sacrificing more in a war that has been waged for hundreds of years and will continue to be waged once our troops are gone?  The idea of democracy is completely foreign to all of the ethnic groups in Afghanistan and Middle East countries.  The US cannot keep trying to force our way of government on countries that don’t want it.  Turn things around and ask if we would another country to wage war here in the US to establish their way of government that is different from our own?

The Afghan government’s betrayal should send a clear message for us to bring our troops home as soon as possible.  Once home, they can be kept combat ready by deploying them along the 1,954 miles of border with Mexico.  They can use all of their military technology to prevent people from other countries from crossing our border illegally.  They can use night vision, and even seismic detection for tunnels to shut down the flood of illegals.  Our troops need to be protecting our borders rather than dying and being wounded in a country half way around the world.

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