After Backing Massive Police Funding Cuts, De Blasio Blames In Part Lack Of Police For Jump In Crime

New York City Democrat Mayor Bill DeBlasio after backing massive cuts in police funding, partly blames a lack of police officers for the recent jump in crime levels. From an interview with Alisyn Camerota of CNN’s “New Day.”


CAMEROTA: “Let me just put up on the screen for our viewers where we are in New York in terms of violent crime. Shootings; the weekend of July 18th, there were 22 of them versus a year ago there were 5. The victims of those shootings; there were 44 whereas a year ago there were 5 victims. Then in terms of the crime stats being up, shootings are up 130 percent over last year, murders are up 30 percent, burglaries up 118 percent, auto thefts up 51 percent. But then this next graph is really interesting. The NYPD arrests down, 62 percent. So just explain this paradox, mayor, how violent crime or these other various crimes as well are up, but arrests are down.”

DE BLASIO: “Sure, Alisyn. There’s been a pandemic going on. I don’t mean that to be flip. I honestly — we’ve seen an absolute dislocation. For months we had a lot fewer officer because they were out sick. For month we have not had a functioning court system. NYPD has a lot of people that are ready right now to see prosecuted but our DAs can’t prosecute because there’s no court system functioning yet. It’s been a massive dislocation. We don’t accept it. We are fighting it back. We are sending cops out to some of the neighborhoods where we’re having particular problems and we’re fighting back that crime and those shootings. But let’s face it, the entire society has been through just an epic dislocation. People don’t have work, people don’t go to school, they don’t have anything. And we’re going to fix it, we’re going to deal with it. Remember, Alisyn, this is a city 25 years ago going through hell with crime and we fought our way back and we’ll fight our way through this. But we have to do it the way that works for New York City. It can’t be about someone else sending in folks not trained the right way to be here, who only unfortunately would make things worse and could lead to more violence. That’s the great irony. You send in folks who are not meant for this work, and even worse things happen.”

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