After China, Russia Threatens War Over Iran

The Israeli newspaper Arutz Sheva reported yesterday the words of the Russian ambassador to NATO, Dmitry Rogozin, that any threat to Iran’s security will be considered a threat against Russia as well. Rogozin seems to be serious about it. Russia, though still weak economically, has recovered much of its military strength after the breakup of the Soviet Union. Putin is facing dissent domestically – both for his policies toward the political parties of the opposition and for the economic slow-down of an economy that is highly centralized. This is the perfect time for Russia to flex a few muscles on the world arena, and even engage in a war or two – if for nothing else, at least to rally the people around the flag. Traditionally, Russian rulers went to war in situations like that. This time they do not even need to be the aggressor. The war drums banging by the politicians in Washington DC is giving Putin the perfect opportunity to appear as the good guy defending his friends.

Putin knows something else as well: America has overstretched itself militarily, and that in a time of economic recession and debt crisis. If there has ever been a time to start a war against the United States, it is this time. Putin runs a very high chance to have some success in such a war.

Iran is strategically important to Russia just as it is to China. China gets the bulk of its oil from Iran. Russia uses Iran as their economic colony, exporting food, clothes, and industrial equipment. Iranian military bases have been opened to Russian military planes for a decade now. A US invasion of Iran would endanger both the Chinese and the Russian interests in the region. So banging the war drums can easily lead to a WWIII.

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Ironically, while the neocon and the liberal war-mongers in the US are spreading the fear that war against Iran is necessary so that Iran doesn’t get ONE nuclear bomb, the reality is that such a war will pit the United States against two world powers with a total of 40,000 nuclear warheads at least. While Iran still has no workable missile system to bring a nuclear warhead to American territory nor even a nuclear weapon, Russia’s and China’s ICBMs are all pointed to American cities. It is very doubtful if Iran, if they ever have a nuclear weapon, will use it against anyone, knowing well that Israel alone has enough nuclear ammunition to make Iran a radioactive garbage heap. But one can be sure that if the United States, Russia, and China get in a war against each other, those tens of thousands of ICBMs will be flying our way in a heartbeat. The United States has no system that can defend against so many warheads.

Rogozin’s threat makes it necessary the next President of the United States to be a man who is committed to the cause of peace, liberty, and free commerce with all nations, as were the Founding Fathers. An irresponsible, immature, reckless, trigger-happy individual with ideas of foreign policy as a tool for beating up weaker nations around the globe may easily involve us in a war that could destroy a good deal of the globe, and much of the civilization that previous generations of Americans have built. Neocon war-mongers who rejoice in the indiscriminate killing and enslaving of American and foreign citizens must be kept away from the American politics, if we don’t want to leave America a desert for our children – or, at least, for those of them that survive a nuclear holocaust.

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