“Ahmadinejad to Wed Gay Lover in Mecca”

Forgive me for shouting fire in a mosque, but it’s about as plausible as most of the nonsense coming from the White House these days. Oh no, I hope I’m not blamed for upsetting the delicate sensibilities of our peace loving Arab brothers and causing international Muslim riots. Oh well, if the President and national media can lie without consequence why can’t the average American have a little mischief from time to time?

Daily I read the posts to articles on this site and I am amazed at how few readers actually comprehend and retain the articles main points. Then I’m reminded that we live in a diverse and rich society that covets sensational gratification while ignoring plausible fact. In other words some people would rather be titillated than educated.

Fact: Our Government (Republicans & Democrats) has legislated and spent our nation into crisis once again and most of us will be dead and buried before our economy recovers.

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The American culture is full of disingenuous and purposeful deceptions; after all very few people will willingly accept the truth. Our President is a maestro of illusion and he knows his audience well. A poorly educated and embattled American public is exactly what big government requires for preserving power; and Barack Obama’s campaign to sell Americans his vision is feeding on our self-righteous indignation and division to secure a victory for his warped reality.

Our Republic is faced with the same problems today as we had over 200 years ago. Yet we allow the public debate to be shaped by emotion rather than logic. The Federal Government is the root cause of every problem our nation faces today and will continue to face in the future. It’s not the economy, unemployment, entitlements, housing, terrorism, racism or the environment that is destroying our nation; it is the rampant expansion of government and it’s flawed attempts to control behavior that have brought our country to its knees. Each and every crisis we have faced can be traced back to the Federal Government’s failure to administrate and prosecute the laws of our land. Everything else is colored bubbles.

Fiction: If we make everyone equal we will eliminate poverty and racism.

Ask yourself how residential real estate sales destroyed our economy and you will inevitably be lead to the Federal Government. Regardless of what scenario you choose to believe (i.e. Community Re-investment Act, Glass Stiegel Repeal, Credit Default Swaps or Predatory Lending) the Federal Government and both parties created, fed, protected and then lied about our economy through three Presidencies and most of the guilty are still in power. Since the Nixon Administration, our government has been playing Russian roulette with the American Economy and the American voter is too caught up with debating political party guilt to see the truth of our predicament.

Since the 90’s and the Federal Government decision to reformulate unemployment numbers, we have all been tolerating a lie that we still debate today. How does anyone expect the government to solve the unemployment problem when both parties can’t get past the debate about the honest numbers? The truth is that the government doesn’t tell the truth, they just tell us what we should believe and throw supporters a bone. Nothing has ever been fixed by Government growth. To the contrary it is always been hobbled.

We live in a country that now ties Civil Rights to Illegal Immigration and Women’s Equality to Homosexual Acceptance. Why? Because the government created these problems to distract from their failures much the same as the government is trying to make you believe that all of our problems will go away when either candidate is elected. If that’s the case, why does every administration inherit the success or failure of their predecessor? American values and principles are being shaped by media shills and professional liars; instead of fact based debate and common sense solutions that will never be found in legislative action.

Just remember they took us off the gold standard and now our economy is owned by banks. They sold us Immigration Amnesty and now we have an immigration problem. They prepared us for the global economy and now U.S. manufacturing is virtually extinct. The pitched welfare reform and now record numbers of Americans require food stamps to eat. They tell us our vote counts, but they can’t pass a law protecting our vote. They call us all taxpayers, but less than half of us pay taxes.  Now the government wants you to believe that more needs to be done to fix the problems they created.

Fact: Liars make great salesmen.

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