AIG’s Shariah Policy Protected By US Court

American International Group, better known as AIG, is a huge international insurance company.  It has offices in New York City, London, Paris and Hong Kong.  With all of their international business, the company has embraced and supports Sharia law and programs.

In 2008, AIG found themselves in severe financial trouble and in 2009, Barack Obama’s Stimulus 1 package helped to bail the company out and keep them from total collapse. Part of that bailout involved the Treasury Department assuming a financial interest in the company since taxpayer dollars were used in the bailout.  Not long afterwards, the Treasury Department was involved in sponsoring a conference entitled Islamic Finance 101.  This government conference aimed to educate those within the US government that are involved in making policy as to how Islamic finance works, how it affects the market and how to work with it.

Consequently, the American Freedom Law Center filed a lawsuit against Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner and others on behalf of Kevin J Murray, a taxpayer and US Marine.  The suit claimed that Congress either knew or should have known that the bailout money used for AiG would also be used to promote Sharia compliant insurance products.  In other words, taxpayer money was being used to help promote Shaira law and Sharia business.

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However, the three judges on the 6th Circuit Court of Appeals dismissed the suit saying that the amount of money used to support Sharia purposes was insignificant compared to the total bailout money and therefore does not warrant consideration.  What the judges were saying is that the $153 million used by AIG for Sharia purposes was insignificant compared to the $182 billion total government bailout that AIG received.

Once again we see the Obama administration’s courts protect Obama’s religious preference since taking office.  I wonder if the judges would have made the same ruling had the $153 million been used for promote Christian or Jewish business and financing?  Guess we’ll never know since none of the other big international companies like AiG that received government bailout money seem to be the least bit interested in following Christian or Jewish business practices.

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