Liberals may have made a mistake in attacking Roy Moore over sexual misconduct charges since news of Al Franken has come out. Now it’s open season on Democrat sexual misdeeds. Hollywood is getting slammed, but it’s my guess that not much will change. Congress is a different matter. These people are in the money stealing business. They sit around and literally debate and vote on how much of our money they will allow us to keep.

Now we’re learning that Congress has been paying of charges of harassment (sexual and racial) for some time. $15 million of our money has been paid out to settle 260 cases. What we have not seen is the dismissal of those who were charged. Why? because “Congress doesn’t release that information, nor is it subject to Freedom of Information Act requests.” Now, isn’t that special.

Contact your Congressman and Senators to release the names of the guilty men and make them pay back the money.

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Here’s a chart of the payouts since 2007. Now we need to match the names to the money:

Bill Clinton should have been forced to resign over the Monica Lewinsky affair. In a way, Bill Clinton’s exoneration and re-election have contributed to the situation we are now in.

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