Al Gore Sells Out To Big Oil

Remember Al Gore’s cable network company Current TV? Yeah, neither do I. Its ratings were so bad that Time Warner Cable was about to drop it. It had struggled since 2005, but it could only manage to expand its audience to about 42,000 viewers. First, Glenn Beck offered to buy it, but Current rejected his offer, stating, “The legacy of who the network goes to is important to us, and we are sensitive to networks not aligned with our point of view.” That’s not surprising. A global warming peddler wouldn’t want to be associated with selling out to a global warming “denier” like Glenn Beck.

So, instead of selling to Beck, they just made a deal with Al Jazeera, the pan-Arab news network that many in America accused of being the mouthpiece of Osama bin Laden. In fact, for the past several weeks, Al Gore had been lobbying distributors that carried Current on the importance of Al Jazeera. Human Events blogger John Hayward further explained the irony of Al Gore selling out to Al Jazeera:

 “According to the New York Times’ sources, the deal is worth $500 million, and Al Gore will walk away with $100 million [Gore had a 20% share]. Al-Jazeera is funded by the government of Qatar. The government of Qatar gets somewhere between 60 and 70 percent of its revenue from oil and gas. Which means the Pope of Global Warming just lined his pockets with $100 million of… oil money.”

 I’m sure Al Gore will claim that he will be taking this “dirty” money and putting it to good use by getting the message out there about the global warming end times. But he could have made that excuse if he and his partners had sold it to Beck.

It gets a little funnier. Al and his associates at Current wanted to make this deal with Al Jazeera swiftly to avoid Obama’s new taxes. They wanted to be done by December 31st. Alas, they were a couple days too late. The deal was finalized on Wednesday.

Al Jazeera plans on shutting down Current TV and starting up another network they’re calling “Al Jazeera America,” which will broadcast news from New York and Qatar.

Time Warner Cable had previously threatened to drop Current because of its consistently low ratings. With news that Current had changed its ownership to Al Jazeera, Time Warner’s decision didn’t change, stating, “We are removing the service as quickly as possible.”

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