Al Qaeda Declares Open Season on U.S. Diplomats

In April of this year, President Barack Obama declared that we are no longer in a war against terrorism.  His administration felt that enough of the al Qaeda leadership had been killed or captured that the terrorist organization was no longer enough of a threat to warrant a war on terrorism.

I’d like to see Obama tell that to the families of U.S. Ambassador Christopher Stevens and the other three Americans murdered by Muslim extremists in Libya last week.  As the flag draped caskets are being lowered into the ground this week, Obama needs to tell the grieving families that we are not at war with terrorists.

Perhaps Obama should hold a meeting with the State Department and all the U.S. ambassadors and diplomats and tell them that we are not involved in a war with terrorism or terrorists.  Tell them to ignore the headlines that read al Qaeda is urging all Muslims to kill U.S. diplomats on sight.

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Mr. President, convince all U.S. diplomats abroad that they have nothing to worry about from al Qaeda or Muslims in general.  Tell them your buddies don’t really mean it when they issued the public declaration which said:

“Whoever comes across America’s ambassadors or emissaries should follow the example of Omar al-Mukhtar’s descendants (Libyans), who killed the American ambassador.”

“Let the step of kicking out the embassies be a step towards liberating Muslim countries from the American hegemony.”

“The incident is so huge that the resources of the nation should be pooled together to kick out the embassies of America from Muslim lands.”

If every U.S. embassy and diplomat are going to be the targets with those that we don’t have a war with, then I advocate that the U.S. withdraw all diplomats from Muslim countries along with all U.S. funding and grants.  Take the billions of dollars going to Muslim countries and put it to use here in our own country to help us and not them.  I keep hearing that we have enough oil and natural gas to supply our own needs, so let’s quit shipping it to other countries and sever the oil umbilical cord that attaches us to them and give birth to a truly independent America.  Let’s protect our own here at home and let the Muslim world fight amongst themselves.  And if Obama doesn’t like it, let him go over there and live with his homies.

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