Al-Qaeda Franchising to India

Do you remember Barack Obama saying something to the effect that we have effectively destroyed the Taliban and al-Qaeda a year or so ago? In light of the latest news on the terrorist front, I wonder if he still believes that.

In the world of acronyms, the new al-Qaeda franchise is known as AQIS for Al Qaeda in the Indian Subcontinent. Although they are establishing themselves in the Indian region, it doesn’t seem that India or its surrounding neighbors are their immediate targets. According to a spokesperson for the new group, one of their first goals is:

“…waging jihad against America and the system of global disbelief that grew under its sponsorship…”

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“This is the system that put upon worshipers of Allah a political system built on non-religious, democratic, secular principles, and weakened the Islamic creed and corrupted Muslim society, and because of this system, apostate, traitor armies were put upon the Islamic lands and the rulers hostile to Islam.”

So now we have the Taliban, al Qaeda, ISIS and AQIS who all want to wage a terrorist war against the US. Let’s not forget that millions of Muslims in the Middle East and elsewhere have also vowed to bring down the United States.

Remember when Obama was bosom buddies with Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood? Their leaders were caught on camera in a conference meeting describing the United States as an enemy that needs to be destroyed just like Israel. And don’t forget that Obama kept supporting them and arming them with weapons and defying Congress to give them hundreds of millions of US taxpayer dollars.

With all of the Muslim extremists in other places like Indonesia, Africa and Great Britain, I wouldn’t be surprised to see more al-Qaeda or even ISIS franchises popping up elsewhere. We already know that hundreds of Muslims have been crossing our southern border and members of ISIS have been talking with the Mexican drug cartels, so perhaps the next Muslim terrorist franchise could be in Texas, Arizona, Chicago, Dearborn or even Washington DC.

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