Alabama – Creating Jobs for Americans

Alabama’s new immigration bill is driving immigrant workers, legal and illegal out of the state in record numbers.  Consequently, many employers are scrambling to find workers to fill the vacancies and you would think with a state unemployment rate of 10% that it wouldn’t be a problem.

Yet if you listen to the liberal press that has always sided with giving illegal immigrants more rights and privileges than US citizens have, you would think the state’s economy is about to completely collapse.  Over 90% of the press coverage I’ve read on the situation in Alabama is obviously biased in favor of illegal immigrants as opposed to protecting Americans and their jobs.

They are reporting how farmers are losing a substantial part of their field hands, both legal and illegal immigrants because of the state’s new tough immigration law.  You will read how many legal migrant workers are afraid to go to work or even shop at Wal-Mart during the daytime for fear of being arrested for suspicion of being illegals.  Construction companies are also losing workers, causing a delay in many construction projects including the rebuilding of tornado ravaged Tuscaloosa.

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But if you look closely, you will also see the barely mentioned positive effects of the new immigration law where some employers have started hiring legal American citizens to fill vacancies left by fleeing illegals.  But this isn’t getting the same coverage because it shows that the law is starting to work.

It’s only been a week since a federal judge upheld the bulk of the tough immigration law.  The immediate effect is the mass exodus of thousands of illegal and some legal workers who are running scared.  It only stands to reason that it is going to take a bit longer for many employers to be able to start hiring US citizens to fill those vacancies.  Employers need time to screen applications, check backgrounds and then hire and train new employees.  But the press hasn’t given it enough time for all this to fully cycle through.

Additionally, with a state unemployment level running higher than the national average at 10%, there should be a wealth of available workers to fill many of the vacancies the new law created.  It would behoove employment counselors at the numerous unemployment offices around the state to help fill the glut of openings.  If someone is physically capable to do a job left open by a fleeing migrant worker, then that person should be told that they either take the job or lose their unemployment benefits for failing to accept reasonable employment.

Instead of everyone crying and complaining about the sudden loss of so many workers, they should all be working together to fill those positions as soon as possible.  If they did that, they could probably lower the state’s unemployment level by at least 1-2 percentage points.

To think that if this was done in every state of the union, we could easily see 1-2 million Americans find work and drop the national unemployment level within a month or two.  Yet our federal government has been doing all it can to prevent this from happening.  They openly support the employment of millions of illegal immigrants when at the same time are arguing in Congress on how to create jobs for American citizens.

Liberal politicians of all parties that are soft on illegal immigrants need to be added to the list of the unemployed that can’t work because someone who has no right to be in our country has taken their job.  Perhaps then they might begin to wake up and smell the real unemployment problem.

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